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lunes, 1 de octubre de 2018

Weekly Horoscope: 01 to 07 October, Tips and Predictions For this week


Bless your nest, Aries! The quarter moon in Cancer this Tuesday, October 2, could spur you to make some changes to your space. Since this is a gentle quarter moon, you don’t have to tear out any plumbing; but a freshly-painted accent wall (or maybe a living wall of plants) could freshen up everything. If you’ve already nailed the Pinterest-perfect decor scheme—highly possible since you need your environments to be bright reflections of your personality—how about showing it off non-virtually? Host a midweek potluck or movie and crafting night with your inspiring, creative friends. Do you need to make new arrangements with the people under your roof or in your office? Call a “family meeting” to make sure everyone’s privacy and quiet hours are being respected. Assume nothing: That smiling coworker could be fuming behind her cubicle every time you light a scented candle or play anything resembling noisy guitar rock through your speakers.

On Friday, October 5, amorous Venus turns retrograde until November 16, backing up through Scorpio and your erotic eighth house, then slipping into Libra and your relationship house on October 31. Cuffing season, interrupted? This pivot might scramble signals in your love life or cause some friction in other types of partnerships. Grrr. Between now and November 16, you simply can’t rely on your intuitive senses—or your tarot deck—to read what’s going on with other people. If you want to deepen intimacy you’re going to have to pry open the chamber of secrets, Aries, and (glug) get vulnerable. The good thing about a planetary retrograde is that it can help you plunge into deeper waters. If you raced into this union without reviewing practical considerations (like, say, incompatible life paths or totally different financial values) you may have to tap the brakes; or maybe you’ve been hiding something that’s really important to you, but you’re afraid to say it for fear of coming on too strong. Time for some serious soul baring, Ram—it’s the only way forward now. You don’t want to sell a false bill of goods, right? Eventually, anyone you date or do business with will find out the truth. That’s the beauty of relationships: being loved for ALL of who you are.


What’s happening on the local scene? Scour the venues near your home this Tuesday, October 2, as a quarter moon in Scorpio shines its balancing beams into your neighborly third house. You don’t have to become an official member (or the unofficial mayor). Just dabble. Get a one-day pass to a new fitness studio, drop in for pub trivia night, RSVP “yes” to a panel discussion on climate change. The point is to mingle with both new and familiar faces in your area, so even if nothing epic is happening, pop up at the gathering spots, like coffee shops, wine bars, the local library. Once there, you might be inspired to get a regular event going, like a drop-in crafting night or a monthly open-mic. What a perfect way to find your kindred spirits, Bull!

Everyone has a past, Taurus. But there comes a time when you can’t move another inch forward without cleaning up what is already in the space. You may hit that very wall this Friday, October 5, as your ruling planet Venus pivots into retrograde mode until November 16. This U-turn happens every 18 months—a time to do some reckoning to the Venus-ruled areas of life, specifically romance and finance. With the planet of love and beauty backing up through Scorpio and your relationship zone until October 31, focus on getting key relationships back into balance first. If you have buried issues to excavate, you might do best hashing them out with a couple’s therapist. With the heavenly harmonizer in snooze mode, conversations about doing the dishes and paying the mortgage could devolve into major power struggles. Choose your battles with bae carefully for the rest of October. If you got cropped out of an Instagram shot, it doesn’t mean your S.O. is trying to hide your relationship—but you will be prone to overblowing things and taking minor oversights as personal offenses. On the flipside, single Bulls will need to be ultra-discerning so as not to gloss over a date’s shortcomings. This is not the time to quietly wonder about something that sounds like a red flag. Just be diplomatically direct and inquire further into the subject until you get clear intel. An ex could return with unfinished business—even the second chance you’ve been hoping for. But be careful about opening those doors, Bull, since Venus’ backspin can muddle your better judgment.


How balanced are your books, Gemini? Between your multidimensional interests and your whimsical impulses, you can burn through money as fast as you earn it. Riding the feast-to-famine wave pattern can be stressful though, which is why you should lean in to the leveling influence of this Tuesday’s quarter moon in Cancer and your second house of finances. Set a baseline for yourself: What’s that bottom-line amount that you need to keep in your bank account so that you feel a sense of security? (Hint: It should be way above zero!) If you’ve been spending blithely, take time this week to review all your purchases and expenses of the past three months. Very quickly, you’ll see patterns, and you’ll know what you can dial down in order to bring things back to equilibrium. Maybe you’ve clicked too many shoppable Instagram links or wasted money on expensive groceries that you never actually cook. For you, Gemini, picking up prepared food might actually be more cost-effective, especially if you buy enough to divide up into several meals. Don’t forget to look at your income column, too. Is it time to raise your rates, even just a smidge?

On Friday, love planet Venus turns retrograde until November 16, making you more reflective about affairs of the heart. Venus will begin her backspin in Scorpio and your logical, systematic sixth house; then, on October 31, she’ll slip back into Libra and your passionate fifth. The first part of this six-week cycle encourages you to slow down and take a more measured approach to your feelings. If you’re single and dating, allow yourself to enjoy an extended “getting to know you” and courtship phase. You might wind up with a best friend as well as a lover, which is the holy grail for a Gemini. There’s nothing quite so scintillating to your sapiosexual sign as a mind-blowing conversation with someone who can match your intellect and wit. Even for coupled Twins, learning the art of restraint can be a game-changer. Instead of firing off a hotheaded text-stream two seconds after having a feeling, calm down first. What if you hit the gym, did a fifteen-minute meditation, or scrawled in your journal BEFORE reaching out? Don’t let your lizard brain hijack your rational mind!


You can only kid yourself for so long, Cancer. If something is no longer “you,” your heart just won’t be in it. This Tuesday, October 2, as the quarter moon lands in your sign, you may realize that it’s time to make some changes. While you don’t have to bail completely, your role in the situation may need to shift. What would happen if you stepped back a bit and let someone else be in charge? Or, conversely, would you find the endeavor fulfilling if you had more skin in the game? Perhaps stepping into a more prominent role is what will make it worth your time. Of course, if you know deep down that it’s time to move on, begin the graceful exit dance and clear the space for something that fits the Crab you’ve become.

Starting Friday, Cupid’s arrows could lead you back through a time warp as amorous Venus turns retrograde until November 16. This backspin begins in Scorpio and your passionate fifth house, then, on October 31, dips back into Libra and your sensitive and domestic fourth. For the rest of the month, Cancer, you must guard against the urge to play Dial-An-Ex. Sure the sex was amazing, and you haven’t found anyone who could make you feel THAT way since. But maybe you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places—or not looking at all because you didn’t want to feel that heartache again. It’s hard for your guarded sign to bounce back after disappointments, and if you’re still nursing a wound, use the next six weeks to process the pain and fully heal. You could be back on the dating scene (and crushing it!) by the holiday season. While Venus is reversing through Scorpio, dabble with dressing in sexier ways—tastefully, of course. Splurge a little on pampering: that weekly blowout and massage, the monthly facial…when you treat yourself like a million bucks, your confidence soars. When it comes to more dramatic style shifts, like hair chops and tattoos, hold off and put it on a Pinterest board until beauty queen Venus is back to her senses on November 16.


Do you believe in magic? If you’ve been sinking into cynicism, your sense of wide-eyed wonder could peek out again on Tuesday. That’s when a quarter moon in Cancer galvanizes your twelfth house of dreams and spiritual healing. Something miraculous and unexpected could happen that restores your faith in the universe; but you want to be a clear channel to call it in! The twelfth house is the “law of attraction” zone, so remember the rule: What you focus on expands. While we’re not suggesting you be a Pollyanna, if you’ve been harping on the half-empty glass or talking non-stop about a gloomy feeling, it’s no wonder you aren’t seeing all the beauty happening around you. Or maybe, in your Leo nobility and generosity, you’ve made too many sacrifices for other people and now you’re just drained. 

No matter the case, these moonbeams call for balance. Start by creating some space in your calendar to just relax and be. And if you happen to do that on a massage therapist’s table or in the soaking pools of a Korean spa, all the better. A quick way to turn things around is by using the power of gratitude. When you’re feeling unsettled, think of three things (or maybe just one if that’s all you can eke) that you love and appreciate. By the same token, don’t sweep legit emotions under the rug. This could be your call to set up appointments with a therapist, shaman, mentor, coach…some expert-level adviser who can help you process pain in a way that actually heals it.

Starting this Friday, October 5, you may feel the call to reunite with your oldest, dearest friends—especially the influential women in your world. Venus makes her biennial retrograde until November 16, first pivoting back through Scorpio and your family-minded fourth house until October 31, then slipping into Libra and your friendship sector until November 16th. Maybe it’s time to set up that other bedroom and invite guests, or better yet, meet for a jam-packed vacation somewhere new. Catch up over Micheladas at the stylish sidewalk bars of Mexico City or score Broadway tickets for a weekend of theater and shopping in NYC. If you want to bury the hatchet with a frenemy or difficult relative, skip the trip and take the process in much smaller “bytes.” With peacekeeping Venus off her game, you might rush to “make nice” only to find the unresolved issue rearing up ten times stronger. (Way to ruin that tour of Frida Kahlo’s house or those tickets to Hamilton, Leo…no thanks!) Start with a phone call and maybe a lunch date on neutral territory after that. Warning: Family and friends may be less than supportive for the next six weeks. Give yourself a time out if you keep hitting the same wall with your inner circle. Their care and concern could give you a case of claustrophobia! Of course, we teach people how to treat us, Leo. In your moments of venting, you may have ignited their protective natures, making them worry unnecessarily about your emotional wellbeing. Be more mindful of how you present your “woe is me!” moments. YOU might bounce back like an elastic band, but you can’t expect others to spring back and forth with your moods.


When was the last time you Googled yourself, Virgo, or did a deep dive of your social media profiles? This Tuesday, October 2, would be a fine day to take a digital inventory. With the quarter moon in Cancer shining its balancing beams into your eleventh house of community and technology, you want to have some creative control over your online image. Not that you have to erase your personal history. Just…curate it, so that if someone happens to search for you, they’ll get a proper impression of the Virgo you are today. On Tuesday, you may also find a more solid footing within a social scene. Bye-bye awkward vibes. It’s time to accept the fact that you belong there, Virgo, and you don’t need to work hard to prove yourself!

On Friday, romantic, diplomatic Venus turns retrograde until November 16. This U-turn begins in Scorpio and your third house of communication, then inches back into Libra and your sensual second house from October 31 to November 16. For the first four weeks of this backspin, you’ll be tasked with improving your communication style—particularly with the people closest to you. Are you saying what you REALLY mean, Virgo? Or are you beating around the bush then getting frustrated when your dates or mates miss the point altogether? Practice being more direct now, even if it isn’t the most graceful pitch at first. 

Perhaps you’re being a little TOO democratic when you actually need to just take charge. Not that we’re advocating for a tyrannical tear. But Venus’ backspin can help you finesse your requests so no one has to read your mind or dance around being polite when it’s time to get down to business. The third house (Scorpio in your chart) also governs platonic love. If you’re not feeling all hot and bothered for your S.O.—don’t freak out. The cuffing season vibes will return by Halloween, when Venus slips into your second house of TLC. But until then, focus on strengthening the friendship aspect of your bond. Single Virgos may feel the sparks with someone from the friend zone. Advance carefully because feelings will run hot and cold during Venus’ retreat—and this could all get SO much more complicated than you bargained for. If you’re not sure anything may come of it, best to just keep it in the secret crush category for now. With Venus in reverse, double check those ring fingers (or look for fading tan lines where the band should be). You could attract people who are charismatic but not exactly available—a mirror for your own indecision about being “tied down.” Stay off that slippery slope. It’s all fun and games until the sensitive Virgo inevitably gets hurt.

When Venus downshifts into Libra on Halloween, you may find yourself in a touchy-feely


Music to your ears! Monday, September 24, marks the annual full moon in Aries, which offers a personal turbo-charge to your love life. Things that have been percolating over the past six months might reach a full boil under this lunar light. A simmering attraction could turn into something solid and sustainable all by itself—or you may have to lean in to the Aries moon’s forthright energy and take the ram by the horns, especially if “someone” has been a little lacking in the commitment department. 

And if you don’t get the response you’re hoping for, you’ll have the confidence (and lack of patience) to wave buh-bye and move on. Long-running unions might lunge toward the next big step, whether that’s a shared lease, a key exchange—or an exchange of vows. While full moons illuminate possibilities and can bring major opportunities, you still need to do your part, so be prepared to act on your feelings and express what’s in your heart. No more “too nice to argue Libra,” okay?

Oh, the places you could go! But should you? This Tuesday, October 2, a quarter moon in Cancer lands in your ninth house of travel. With the domestic Crab captaining this corner of your chart, it’s no wonder you like to vacation in areas that feel like a home away from home. Have you always had the feeling you belonged in Barcelona…or would feel gracefully at ease in Ghana? Let your mind meander because these possibilities could become real. Price out tickets, surf travel blogs and get inspired by the local accommodations and sites. Even if you’re not quite ready to book, this could be a goal worth working for. If you’ve been an unmoored Scorpio (especially with peripatetic Jupiter in your sign since October 10, 2017), this quarter moon may be your cue to put down your bags for a minute and reconnect to your roots. Your people miss you!

And, have a seat, Scorpio, there’s some news you’ll need to process. On Friday, amorous, glamorous Venus makes her biennial retrograde, bringing slowdowns and detours on the romantic superhighway. Her backspin lasts until November 16, but until October 31, she’ll be retreating through your sign. Relax: That doesn’t mean your love life (and fashion choices) are going to hell in a handbasket. But, you may have some reckoning to do. Are you getting your needs met—and have you spelled them out clearly? We teach people how to treat us and the next four weeks could require some training sessions with the one(s) you adore. Single Scorpios might take a Tinder timeout so you reconnect to your own needs and restore your confident core.


Step onto the cosmic red carpet on Monday, September 24, when the year’s only Aries full moon powers up your fifth house of passion, fame and star quality. You’ll be oozing charisma and animal magnetism, and the only question is: What do you want to do with it? Full moons bring things to completion, and in the two weeks following this lunar lift, your creative or professional work of the past six months may yield the results you’ve been hoping for—and then some! Get ready for your victory lap. 

This could be something that wins you major recognition, perhaps from the acknowledged critics in your field or even the press. People might notice you when you’re out and about, so no stepping out in sloppy track pants or a messy topknot! Dress for the success you want to have, and make sure you always have a wallet-full of business cards and, if appropriate, photos of your work on your phone. Casual conversations could double as networking opportunities, so have your elevator pitch polished and ready to rattle off. This is also a peak time romantically, whatever your relationship status. Single? Every time you walk out the door, you may have a fateful meeting. And when you’re trying to meet people, a little sustained eye contact can become a personal introduction. Couples can renew your passion, and, since the fifth house rules fertility, you might catch a case of baby fever. Just make sure you’re really ready, because things could happen literally overnight!


Home and family issues steal the spotlight starting Monday, September 24, as the year’s only Aries full moon powers up your domestic fourth house. Have you been so focused on “bringing home the bacon” that you’ve given short shrift to the folks actually AT home, Capricorn? It’s easy for you to slide down a professional rabbit hole, but this lunar lift is your annual opportunity to get things back in balance. 

Over the coming two weeks (prime manifesting time for full moons), carve out quality time to spend with your loved ones—and don’t feel like you need an “agenda.” Just being together and talking, breaking bread and sharing your latest accomplishments and adventures will be a bonding experience. 

Have you been dreaming of making some design changes to your house or apartment? (And do you have a cache of Pinterest boards and downloaded photos you’ve been secretly drooling over?) You may finally have the time, funds and burning desire to get started on one of these projects—and the “fresh start” energy of Aries can help you see things with new eyes. If you’re in the market for a move, start scanning the listings—in earnest, not just in “fantasy mode.” Pour your focused Capricorn energy into this and you may find your dream home in a matter of weeks. Whatever the moving/redecorating plans are, the rest of September is great for entertaining and gathering your nearest and dearest under one roof.

Hop back on the wellness wagon. This Tuesday, October 2, the quarter moon in Cancer lands in your sixth house of healthy routines. How well are you nourishing yourself? With food-focused Cancer driving this lunation, you may feel inspired to make a few changes to your eating habits. Comfort food and clean eating are not mutually exclusive. Gather up some new recipes and try to “eat the rainbow” when it comes to your fresh produce. As temperatures cool, raise your body temperature with more cooked veggies and spices that heat like ginger, onion and garlic. To keep energy levels high, don’t skip meals. Eat at regular intervals instead of snacking throughout the day.

On Friday, love planet Venus shifts into reverse, backing up through Scorpio and your tenth house of goals until October 31, then retreating through Libra until November 16. For this phase, you could find yourself focusing on the future of your love life—perhaps to your own detriment. Trying to map out a “happily ever after” while Venus is in reverse is just a buzzkill and can lead to frustrating loggerheads. If there’s no way around these discussions, take them in smaller bytes. Setting up systems to stay on the same page as your sweetie would be smart, though. For example, create a shared calendar that syncs with your smartphones, and pick one or two nights a week that are sacred “just the two of us” time. You may also discover that certain larger life objectives don’t exactly mesh with your mate’s. Before you bail, TRY to work out compromises—and consider a few couple’s therapy sessions to help you hash out a better plan. Remember: You don’t have to be attached at the hip to have a successful union; in fact, when Venus moves back into Libra and your worldly ninth house from October 31 to November 16, you might have to arrange your relationship around each other’s travel schedules. A little absence can make the heart grow fonder between October 31 and November 16. Invest in an independent journey or girls’ trip.


The call to leadership could get a little louder this Tuesday, October 2, when a quarter moon in Cancer pumps up the volume in your regal fifth house. You’re not one for a hostile takeover; in fact, you’d prefer if the people who work under you feel like family rather than royal subjects. If you’re worried about being in the hotseat, let that go, Pisces. More than likely, people will be thrilled to have someone like you running the show. 

Step up to the lead and graciously command the troops. Of course, your sensitive approach can be a double-edged sword. Your underlings might get SO comfortable in your presence that they kick back and leave you to pick up their slack. If you’ve been a little too lax, Tuesday’s moonbeams could call for an accountability check. Organize a team meeting and deliver a motivational pep talk. Don’t gloss over the problem, though. Let people know that you’re expecting them to snap back into gear!