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lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2018

Weekly Horoscope: September 3 to 10, Tips and Predictions This Week Full of Surprises -


It’s back to business—and perhaps in a higher gear—starting Thursday, September 6, when success-minded Saturn resumes forward motion in Capricorn and your professional tenth house after a frustrating five-month retrograde that began on April 17. You may have had to scale back an ambitious project or put it on a back burner during this annual slowdown, which might have left you chomping at the bit. But hopefully you made some important adjustments and learned valuable lessons that will help now that you have a string of green lights ahead of you. With Saturn powering ahead, you’ll be able to get things moving—and probably more efficiently than you could have the first time around. Since the tenth house also rules all things masculine, a helpful man might step up to mentor you or make some key introductions. You’re more likely to succeed if you have a well-defined roadmap, and lucky for you, that’s Saturn’s specialty. Over the next few days, take time to write out your top goals. Pro tip: Keep yourself motivated by ensuring that they’re challenging yet doable!

Sunday’s starmap brings a pair of exciting moves. That morning, vivacious Venus romps into Scorpio and your erotic eighth house, where she’ll take up residence on and off until early 2019. This is an extended visit thanks to an upcoming retrograde from October 5 to November 16. Whether spinning forward or backward, Venus in Scorpio can’t help but turn up the heat and turn YOU into a magnetic minx. As long as you know what you want (and what you won’t settle for), it’s fair game to enjoy this amorous heat wave and go with the toe-curling flow. Since the eighth house also rules permabonding, some Rams will be bored by (mere) boudoir gymnastics and more interested in people who have the potential for longevity, or at least who appreciate exclusivity clauses. If you are seeking a keeper, ask questions that will give you a hint of their romantic track records, like “So how long was your most serious relationship?” Attached—and want to restoke the fire? Start by NOT doing the same old anything. While honoring your comfort zones, follow this daring shade of Venus’s lead and think in terms of new toys, techniques and maybe even a little cosplay.


If plans to take a trip or a workshop got delayed this summer, they might spark back up starting Thursday, September 6, when disciplined Saturn ends a five-month retrograde in Capricorn and your ninth house of travel, adventure and education. With the structured planet back in forward motion, you can pick up where you left off—but follow his vigilant lead and take your sweet old time. If you’ve waited THIS long, you might as well strive to get everything right before you bolt. Research best fares, then put in alerts so you’ll be sure to get a good deal on flights and accommodations. In the meantime, scratch your wanderlust itch with WhatsApp or Skype calls to far-flung friends. Since the ninth house also rules publishing and entrepreneurship, now, with Saturn back on track, you could steamroll over any obstacles that delayed your forward progress earlier in the year. The lesson here? Come up with a strategy, proceed with caution, have a fallback plan in case you hit too many speed bumps, but stay the course. Then, when you get that string of green lights, hit the gas and go!

Sunday’s stars give two thumbs up to both new and existing relationships. Early in the day, your cosmic ruler, affectionate Venus, waltzes into Scorpio and your seventh house of partnerships for an extended stay. She’ll be here on and off until early 2019 thanks to a retrograde cycle from October 5 to November 16. Since the love planet demands harmony, trust and honest communication in all unions, if yours aren’t up to snuff, you’ll probably need to do some “realignment” work. You’ll crave a certain degree of commitment in your romantic involvements, and if they’re not forthcoming, this could lead to some dramatic plot twists. But check in with your heart and make sure you’re pursuing what YOU want, not someone else’s punch list. Venus brings a creative edge to everything she touches, so use this cycle to design a relationship that’s right for you. For single Bulls, Venus can hold up a lantern that lights the path to a potential mate who’s reliable, fair-minded AND shares your spiritual values. Just remember: Even relationships that feel fated or karmic require some degree of compromise.


That rule goes double for relationships, as Mars is the planet of desire, and he’s parked in the most intimate and seductive part of your chart. Between now and September 10, your days, and especially your nights, may be filled with passion and permabonding opportunities. But unless you’re only playing around, don’t waste time trying to turn a fling into a full-timer. Attached? The red planet makes you eager to deepen your union and take your next step…which might even be to the altar. One tiny word of caution: Don’t let impatient Mars rush you. If the idea of making THAT permanent of a commitment gives you anxiety, trust your inner rhythm and move at the pace that works for you, societal “norms” be damned.

If you’ve been struggling to balance independence with “interdependence” help arrives Sunday in the form of a quarter moon in Gemini. As la luna shines her harmonizing beams into your self-authorized first house, you might realize that clinging to certain connections could be distracting you from your own goals. Since this is a levelheaded quarter moon, you don’t have to do anything extreme like breaking off a friendship or romantic relationship. But you probably need to adopt an “absence makes the heart grow fonder” policy, even setting aside a couple of blocks in your calendar for “me, myself and I.” If you’re not beholden to anyone this weekend, treat Sunday like a one-day, one-person retreat. Even if you can only carve out a couple hours to read inspiring literature or work on your art, it will be a shot in the arm that can catapult you into a rewarding fall.


Can YOU get an amen? Relationships both personal and professional can finally get back on track and blast ahead starting Thursday, September 6! After five frustrating months of spinning backward in Capricorn and your seventh house of dynamic duos, constraining Saturn resumes forward motion. In one or more partnerships, you may have felt misunderstood or like you couldn’t get in sync no matter what you did. The bloom may have fallen off a budding romantic attraction since April 17, or longtime couples might have wondered exactly who they were involved with. But things are about to change, and you should feel a huge sense of relief! With Saturn trekking through Capricorn until December 17, 2020, you’ll return to full strength and be ready to solidify important bonds. On the deepest level, this three-year Saturn cycle (which began last December 19) is a master class on how to ease up on the need to control things and to allow connections to evolve organically. If you want to build a relationship with staying power, you need a rock-solid foundation. The sweetest part of all? Since Saturn plays for keeps, over the coming months (or next two years), you could be delighted by an engagement, marriage or amazing business development!

Sunday’s stars shine an even brighter spotlight on relationships. Early in the day, amorous Venus slinks into Scorpio and your passionate fifth house, where she’ll be parked on and off until early 2019 (because of a retrograde from October 5 to November 16). With the sultry love planet in this irresistible zone, your dance card will fill up fast—you might even need to start a wait list! If you’re more interested in sampling from life’s romantic buffet table, that’s fine. And while an active dating roster may feed your ego, it won’t do much for your soul. During this Venus cycle, check in with your heart to see what it truly desires—and what fears might be blocking it. If you actually crave a committed relationship, you may need to take an emotional risk and let yourself be vulnerable. Scary? A little. But it’s part and parcel of a lasting union. For couples, this tender transit can help you lighten up (if things have gotten too heavy) and inspire you to participate in more playful activities that can cement your bond.


No use crying over spilled milk, nor is there any point in beating yourself up over your summer indulgences. Just wait till Thursday, September 6, when the wellness wagon rolls into Leoville and beckons you on-board! That day, Saturn, the “personal trainer” of the zodiac, wraps up a five-month retrograde in your sixth house of wellness, self-care and personal routines. If you’ve been a little casual about your health, you can get back into more life-affirming habits now that Saturn’s moving forward again. And look for the silver lining: Everyone experiences ups and downs—the trick is to gain more self-knowledge and inner strength. 

So before you lunge into a renewed period of eating well, exercising and minimizing those vices, acknowledge how much you enjoyed slacking, then let yourself off the hook. We’re all just doing the best we can, and every day brings a chance to hit the reset button. Tap into Saturn’s discipline and planning vibes and set new, realistic objectives for yourself. Slowly and sustainably make the nutritional shifts you know are good for your body, and find ways to squeeze exercise into your life on a regular basis, even if it’s just walking—or dancing—more! While you’re giving your life a once-over, get more organized at work by creating daily structures and micro-goals. And when your willpower falters, remind yourself that all these changes are FOR you, not punishment!


If your romantic or creative life could stand a shot of inspiration, hang on until Thursday, September 6, when restrictive Saturn wraps up a stultifying five-month backspin in Capricorn and your passionate fifth house. Where nothing was flowing, you may now experience a deluge of ideas, and projects you’ve been incubating might finally start to sprout. Whether you’re single or spoken for, your love life will tingle with excitement. But you need to do your bit! Have you allowed yourself to get pulled down into a spiral of inertia? With the cautious planet moving ahead, you’ll have the confidence to take a gamble and get back in the game. 

Couples might want to form a competitive trivia team or take up tennis. (Or engage in other kinds of athletic activity behind closed doors.) If a budding relationship was just getting off the ground when Saturn pivoted and suddenly went sideways, this course correction can get things rolling again—if you’re still interested. Single? Don’t get hung up on previous experiences (even heartaches), and give the dating world another chance. You might discover a whole new crop of interesting options this fall. Since the fifth house rules risk, you might need to take a leap of faith with someone. Make sure they’re worth it before you jump.


Stability returns to your home life—perhaps in the nick of time!—on Thursday, September 6, when grounding Saturn gets back on track after a five-month retrograde in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house. Things may have been up in the air, there could have been tension with roommates or relatives, or a hoped-for move might have stalled for reasons you’re still not be clear on. But the good news is you’ll be back in the driver’s seat with this steadying energy restored. It’s now safe to think on an even grander scale and consider the big-picture changes you’d love to make to your living situation. But note: While “visionary” is fine, these plans still need to be realistic.

 For one thing, there’s that “trivial” matter of budget. And then there’s your finite amount of time. Trying to pull off too much at once will fry your circuits and could send you into debt, neither of which is an appealing option. Follow Saturn’s structured lead and prioritize! Do the most important (or most strongly desired) things first and see how you feel after that. If you need to smooth some ruffled feathers with a family member, take the high road and suggest a truce or deeper discussion. But first make sure you know what your own limits are. Sometimes all it takes is firmer boundaries—and a way to enforce them—to keep the peace.


Miscommunications begone! And just like THAT, the misfires and miscues of the past five months could vanish as solidifying Saturn resumes forward motion on Thursday, September 6, after being retrograde in Capricorn and your expressive third house since April 17. You strive to be clear with your messaging, yet during this signal-scrambling cycle, some key sentiments may have gotten lost in translation. 

Now you’ll have a chance to untangle any knots and get things moving again. You might need to draft a detailed group email or have a heart-to-heart with someone if the snafu was of an emotional nature. During Saturn’s reversal, you might have experienced tension in a relationship with a friend, sibling or neighbor, and no matter what you said or did, nothing helped. This week, make another caring overture. No need to circle back to the “original sin”; just turn a new page and start fresh. They might be more relieved than you! The flip side? If someone seriously crossed a line—and maybe continues to—lean in to Saturn’s boundary awareness, which can help you stand your ground and say what you need to—without putting anyone on the defensive.


Been spinning your wheels, Sagittarius? That’s no way for an intrepid Archer to roll through life! Blame it on retrograde Mars, which has been on an extended moonwalk since June 26. If you’ve been “sticking it out” with a job or a relationship that doesn’t float your boat, you need to pull up the anchor and cruise into a new harbor! Lucky for you, this Monday, August 27, the red planet wakes up from his eight-week retrograde and delivers a tsunami of drive, motivation and mojo to your career and personal life. 

Over the coming two weeks you’ll feel a whole new wave of excitement about your career path again as Mars powers up Capricorn and your house of prosperity. If you’re happy at your current gig, you might want to talk to upper management or your clients about taking on some new challenges (and appropriate compensation). But if, in your heart of hearts, you know it’s time to move on, bold Mars will give you the confidence and courage to start a serious search. The second house rules practical life matters, so begin by updating your resume and LinkedIn, researching “best practices” for creating a personal website, and power-networking like only a gregarious Sagittarius can.

If you’ve felt stuck, stalled or stymied in the past five months, get ready to exhale—and blast ahead! Red lights turn green starting Thursday, September 6, when your ruling planet, grounded Saturn, ends a nerve-wracking five-month retrograde in your sign and resumes forward motion. You may have felt like your wings had literally been clipped as you tried to get new initiatives off the ground or get all the necessary players on the same page. Or maybe you got a taste of what was possible and want to go even bigger! But even now, as things return to full strength, start low and take it slow. Saturn’s lesson is one of cautious optimism: Look far down the road to create inspiring goals, but proceed one judicious step at a time. 

Should you feel a bit insecure or overwhelmed at first, lean in to Saturn’s strong backbone for the confidence you need. And don’t make the rookie mistake of believing only you can do this! There are plenty of capable, talented—and willing—people to recruit for Team Capricorn. Out of the gate, think in terms of synergy (and, if necessary, outsourcing). Even if it costs a little more, it’s a sound investment in not feeling drained 24/7. This turn-about is good for your personal life, too. You may have been unconsciously holding back emotionally, not letting someone get as close as they’d like. Now with Saturn charging forward, you’ll be more open to dropping your guard.


Stuck in a mental muddle? Good news arrives—with a drumroll and trumpet fanfare—this Thursday, September 6, when your co-ruler, stalwart Saturn, straightens out in your twelfth house of confusion, emotions and secret enemies. Things may have been going on that you never knew about, Water Bearer, but with the heavyweight planet back in forward motion, you can gain traction on your goals and blast ahead! Over these past five months, you might have felt like you were moving through mud, but now you can step out of the gunk and get productive. On a personal level, you might have been dealing with some old wounds or grief, or codependency issues in a relationship. The twelfth house rules endings and release, and you can let this go any time you’re ready. Set firm boundaries with people—and stick to ‘em! With Saturn at full strength, YOU’LL feel in your power and more connected to your deepest desires. Listen to that little voice in your head; your intuition will be sharper than ever.

The weekend brings more fresh-start energy to your world. Early on Sunday, auspicious Venus sweeps into Scorpio and your ambitious tenth house, where she’ll be taking up residence on and off until early 2019. Thanks to a retrograde from October 5 to November 16, your career gets an IV drip of adrenaline for the rest of the year. As the creative collaborator of the zodiac, Venus can help you form strategic partnerships and advance your own cause without coming off like an egotist. Whenever you present an idea or pitch a concept, emphasize its benefits for others. Show people what a team player you are, and they’ll line up to join forces. This isn’t a time to just go with the flow, however. Thanks to this professional tailwind, you can make tremendous advances—if you know where you want to steer your ship. In the coming weeks, prioritize your work goals and write out the steps you need to take to get there. The clearer you are, the easier it’ll be to manifest them. And since what you focus on expands, take time every day to visualize or otherwise imagine how it’s going to look and feel when you get there!


It’s a fine line that separates “critical” and “discerning,” and it may have been hard to navigate over the past five months. This might have been especially noticeable (and frustrating) with group projects and activities. That’s because “drill sergeant” Saturn has been retrograde in Capricorn and your collaborative eleventh house since April 17. But starting Thursday, September 6, the ringed taskmaster pivots and resumes forward motion; finally, it’s safe to go back to the important task of assembling an efficient and loyal Team Pisces.

 Now that it’s back to full speed, Saturn can help you gaze into the future and get a clearer picture of what you want to create or be a part of. Hopefully you took your lessons of the past five months to heart and are wiser and tougher as a result! Now you can see people with less distortion (or is that wishful thinking?) and take the hard steps of distancing yourself from those who always disappoint you or bring you down. This is the beginning of an almost three-year phase where you can surround yourself only with folks who share your values, objectives and unimpeachable work ethic.

Your romantic life will start playing by some different rules on Sunday, thanks to not just one but two major planetary events. Early in the day, enchantress Venus swings into Scorpio and your expansive, exploratory ninth house for a longer-than-usual stay. She’ll be sweeping out the cobwebs here on and off until early 2019, thanks to a retrograde from October 5 to November 16.

 While the love planet in Scorpio can definitely boost emotions—which for you as a Pisces are already pretty intense—but in the ninth house, she’ll be more open-minded and willing to take a chance on an “untried commodity.” You’ll be feeling confident enough to express yourself more candidly and directly than you’re used to, which is liberating. Luckily, Venus is the diplomat of the zodiac, so your truth hammers will come wrapped in velvet. Since the ninth house also rules travel and adventure, you may be booking a trip to somewhere far-flung…with or without a plus-one. A romantic getaway is ideal, but even a short trip to a place you’ve been dying to see will expand your consciousness and maybe plant some thrilling new seeds.