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lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2018

Weekly Horoscope : Monday 10 to Sunday 16 September, Tips And Prediciones


Ready to shift from a party of one to a soul-squad of five, seven, or maybe eleven? This Monday, September 10, collaborators start coming out of the woodwork when, for the second time this year, your ruling planet Mars sails into Aquarius and your team-spirited eleventh house.

 Want to end 2018 with a cluster of peacock feathers in your cap? Between now and November 15, seek synergies and ye shall find—both online and IRL. Or, get the band back together, especially if everyone drifted while Mars was retrograde in Aquarius from June 26 to August 12. All you have to do is start a discussion about potential synergies and dazzling possibilities will emerge. Could you bundle your business offerings as a package deal…and make a killing off of holiday sales? Or if you’re eager to move the political needle, maybe you team up with various community groups to help get voters to the polls this November 6. 

There are so many ways you can merge interests and skills now, Aries, especially if you join forces with other capable go-getters. With Mars in tech-savvy Aquarius your inventive side will also be jockeying for attention for the coming eight weeks. Consider crowdfunding the first prototype of your genius ideas. People will rally around you during this Mars cycle. In fact, no matter where your attention goes, popularity swiftly follows. Squeeze in some precious “me time” where you can…but surrender to the fact that your social circle is going to expand before the year is through.


Looking for an excuse to break out that first fall blazer? Here’s one for you, Bull: Your ambition goes full throttle on Monday, September 10, when go-getter Mars returns to Aquarius and your tenth house of success until November 15. The red planet has already spent a good deal of 2018 in Aquarius—from May 16 to August 12 to be exact—but some of that ambitious energy was thwarted during a retrograde spell from June 26 to August 27. 

Now, stalled engines start turning over once again. For the next eight weeks, keep your focus primarily on the future and what you plan to accomplish before the year is through. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn from any of this summer’s “failures” or unanticipated detours. But try to see them as important lessons that you learned and, thus, don’t have to repeat again. 

Do you feel like someone else is directing YOUR life path? As Taurus Lena Dunham said, “The parts I enjoy playing aren’t available to me. So I have to write them.” Between now and November 15, take more creative license as you author the next chapter for your life. Maybe that means writing up a dream job description and presenting it to HR. (Just make sure your current skill set is up to snuff before you do.) For entrepreneurial Bulls, this Mars cycle could kickstart a successful Q4 launch or growth spurt. Be prepared to burn some midnight oil in the name of starting a lucrative blaze.


Bon voyage, Gemini! An acute case of wanderlust will strike this Monday, September 10, as restless Mars treks back onto the Aquarius trail. For the second time this year, the red planet lends its motivating force to your ninth house of global expansion, media, education and entrepreneurship—and you have until November 15 to get all the juice you can from this. Whether you’re booking a spiritual pilgrimage, applying to grad school, writing a book or going full force with a business venture (or all of these things), cast the widest net possible! Opportunity may be found in far-flung locales over the next eight weeks.

You may already have such plans in motion, as Mars spent May 16 to August 12 in Aquarius. But due to a retrograde from June 26 to August 27 (that sent Mars back into Capricorn mid-August) you were probably doing more behind the scenes development this summer rather than making major moves. Now, Gemini, you can literally leap. A change of scenery—or perspective—can refresh your outlook on life in untold ways. If you’re ready to pull up the stakes, Mars may hasten your departure and even spur you to relocate. 

Before 2018 is through, you could be traveling for business or filling out work visa papers. But no matter your GPS coordinates, keep your ears perked for intriguing dialects. With lusty Mars in the picture, sparks could fly with a hottie from a different home country, or a career nomad who lives in several cities. (Not a bad deal, since you DO need your alone time as much as your couple time.) Attached Gems could revive the spark by signing up for a workshop together—maybe one that doubles as a weekend getaway. Perusing travel blogs will make for superhot pillow talk, even if you wait a while before making reservations.


Your heat index is rising, Cancer—cooling temperatures be damned. On Monday, September 10, Mars slinks into Aquarius and your lusty, intense eighth house until November 15. For the next eight weeks, the only grey area you’ll contend with is the kind that involves “Fifty Shades” of boudoir play.

 But when it comes to commitments, you’ll need them firm and unwavering. (How else will an emotional creature like you feel comfortable opening up?) Mars has already occupied this part of your chart for much of 2018—from May 16 to August 12, to be exact. But this extra-long cycle included a retrograde from June 26 until August 27, which may have stalled negotiations and left the status of certain partnerships unclear. Starting this Monday, you can be more insistent about solid answers. You definitely need to know if people are in or out. 

Just don’t throw all diplomacy out the window. Mars energy can be aggressive and domineering. Some people simply cannot bring themselves to say “no” for whatever reason—possibly people-pleasing or fear of hurting you. This is where you will have to read the tea leaves, Cancer, and interpret their waffling as a “graceful” no. Disappointing though this may be, just let things be. Then, turn your attention towards people who are ready to be all in NOW. (You never know. When you pull away, you could create the space for those non-committal types to step up…not that you have time to wait around for that!) Get business agreements in writing and romantic relationships clearly defined. Ambiguity breeds contempt but clarity creates the foundation for a lasting lovefest!


Double down, Leo! This Monday, September 10, go-getter Mars makes its second stopover of 2018 to Aquarius and your seventh house of partnerships. Until November 15, promising duos will become more dynamic. And since Mars already turned up the heat in Aquarius once this year—from May 16 to August 12—existing relationships could also go through another growth spurt. But you may have to sort out some chaos and misunderstanding first, especially if things broke down while Mars was retrograde from June 26 to August 27. 

Take time to make amends and let your inner children hug it out. Then, focus on the future, which could be brighter than ever! Do you desire more from a particular relationship? Take the lead in those “what’s next?” conversations. It might be you, Leo, who brings up the “m” word or suggests turning a business associate into more of a long-term partner. Romantic relationships WILL be passionate during this Mars cycle, but the combustible warrior planet can also send incompatible connections up in flames. 

The line between love and hate will be thinner than ever over the next eight weeks. Sometimes a good argument is just what’s needed to clear the air—as long as you don’t let your temper take the wheel. Makeup sex is only mind blowing if it happens on rare occasions. If it’s becoming more of a regular thing—complete with daily fighting—you might be caught up in something truly unhealthy (a dynamic or the relationship itself). Direct yourself to the nearest couples’ therapist—or the exit ramp! Looking for love? When it comes to your search criteria, follow the rule of opposites attract. Whether for business, pleasure or a creative collaboration, a complementary force can help you shine brighter.


Lace up the cross trainers and spring for that Class Pass. This Monday, September 10, energizer Mars sprints back into Aquarius and your sixth house of healthy living until November 15. This is the red planet’s second dash through this zone of your chart, so this burst of momentum won’t feel altogether unfamiliar. From May 16 to August 12, Mars ran a marathon through Aquarius, bringing exciting (though not always stable) energy to your work and wellness goals. But the retrograde from June 26 to August 27 may have stalled some of those initiatives.

 Starting Monday, you’ll be ready to get back down to business—and maybe back onto the wellness wagon if you slipped a little this summer. As temperatures cool, warm your bones with invigorating cardio workouts and roasted Brussels sprouts. This Mars cycle can keep you in the “healthy hedonist” category, as you enjoy your hygge season indulgences. Making self-care a priority keeps your body in balance—and that includes “preventative medicine” like massages, acupuncture, and spin studio sweats. You’ll be a busy bee for the next eight weeks as the pace picks up with work.

Be more proactive about taking on assignments, getting contracts signed or closing deals. Simultaneously, create more efficiency in your daily workflow. This is a great time to systematize, color code, lifehack and bring a strong spreadsheet game…all the things Virgos love. Even though you’re busy, you can still work smarter, not harder!


It’s showtime, Libra! This Monday, September 10, Mars heads into Aquarius and fires up your fifth house of glamour, romance, and fame until November 15. Once again, the spotlight is beaming on you, so use these eight weeks to promote a creative project or get your work (or hey, yourself) into the public eye. 

This process may already be underway, since Mars took a rare and extended tour through Aquarius from May 16 to August 12. But due to a retrograde from June 26 to August 27, your star may have dimmed—perhaps because YOU started feeling self-conscious or scared of being “too much.” No more hiding your light under any sort of bushel, Libra! Between now and November 15, the crowds will be clamoring for whatever it is you have to offer. Rustle up a wardrobe and entertainment budget while you’re at it. Going out to those “seen and be seen” events will be part of your personal expansion plan this fall. If business deals can be sealed on the golf course, why can’t they also happen at an after-work cocktail hour or red-carpet gala?

This passionate Mars phase could kickstart a romantic renaissance for single Libras or a way hotter chapter in your relationship. But warning: Lusty Mars energy is not for the faint of heart. This IS the fierce warrior planet, after all. Gentle Libras run the risk of coming on a bit too strong, or even treading dangerously close to the drama queen or demanding diva territory. 

Make sure you aren’t asking the impossible of the one you love, even if it WOULD be nice to have rose petals scattered at your pedicured feet every time you walk in the door. Baby fever may strike during this fertile Mars phase; or, you could become consumed with a creative brainchild and spend hours developing away. But make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into here. Mapping out a plan BEFORE you make a bold move is probably a sound idea.


Gather the tribe, Scorpio. This Monday, September 10, your co-ruler Mars nestles into Aquarius and your family-friendly fourth house until November 15. And while this could turn Chateau Scorpio into the party palace, you might want to make it an “invite only” location. Potent Mars can be stimulating AND stressful, as you may have already learned while Mars was on an extended tour through Aquarius from May 16 to August 12, including a nerve-jangling retrograde spell from June 26 to August 27. Those who come in peace can make themselves at home during this eight-week cycle. But people who arrive with extra baggage should be directed to the nearest Airbnb. With Mars here, you certainly won’t be lounging on the couch during your so-called downtime.

Passion projects, renovations, even a home-based business could consume your domestic hours. Since you’ll do some of your best work at home over the next eight weeks, set up a workstation (or convert the kitchen table into your desk, if roomies don’t mind). Time to relocate? Mars will hasten your search. You could be loading up the U-Haul before 2018 is through.

But don’t hole up at home this Tuesday! With the Sun sweetly angled to your ruler Pluto, you could meet a few soul friends while you’re out mingling at a local venue. Finally! People who appreciate your obscure cultural references and wry wit. It’s rare that you find people around whom you feel comfortable dropping your guard with.

 And in many ways, you’re more astute and sophisticated than the average mortal. But it’s not your fate to walk the world alone…there ARE others like you out there. Make it your mission to seek them out this week, dropping in on an after-work event or maybe signing up for a webinar. While you’re at it, plant yourself in places where the “influencers” convene. You could be invited in as a card-carrying member before you know it!


Ready for a breather, Sagittarius? On Monday, September 10, energizer Mars sails back into Aquarius and your cooperative, communicative third house. Between now and November 15, synergies will spark at every turn. Explore! Tag-teaming with the right people can take so much weight off your shoulders. 

There’s a chance you already met some of these “missing puzzle pieces” earlier in the year, when Mars took its first tour through Aquarius from May 16 to August 12. But when the red planet spun retrograde from June 26 to August 27, you may have lost some of the initial momentum. Don’t dwell, Archer; just pick up where you left off. Schedule coffee dates, discovery calls, Zoom meetings, whatever. But here’s an important rule of thumb: Work with experienced people, not novices. While you love to mold a talented ingenue, this can just leave you feeling spread even thinner. And good vibes are not enough—you need solid commitments from people so that you know that work is being handled.

The third house governs communication, and Mars could bring a wave of momentum for any projects involving writing, podcasting or media making. Nurture your hobbies by signing up for a workshop (or “playshop”). 

You might even be inspired to design one that you’ll teach yourself. Be vigilant with your words for the coming eight weeks. With combative Mars in this position, you could step into troll bait by responding to someone’s Tweetrum or incendiary Facebook post. Keep it high vibes, Archer, and use your social media—and your local connections—to spread powerful messages. With idealistic Aquarius energy spurring you on, you could inspire people to change the world in so many ways, like switching from plastic to compostable products to making your neighbors get to the polls for the November 6th U.S. midterm elections.


With red-hot Mars powering up your sign since August 12, you’re feeling that drive to achieve! Exciting for sure, but are you building your dream (or empire…or femmepire) on a solid foundation? This Monday, September 10, you can get your combat boots back on terra firma as the red planet moves on to Aquarius and your sensible second house. There are irons in the fire; balls up in the air, but you may also be feeling rather scattered.

 As Mars lumbers through Aquarius until November 15 discernment is a must. If you could only put your time and energy into one (okay, two) of these efforts, which would bring the highest return on investment? Mars already visited Aquarius once in 2018, for an extended voyage that lasted from May 16 to August 12.

 But a retrograde period from June 26 to August 27 may have scattered your focus. As the restless red planet leaves your sign, it will be easier to focus and actually get s*** done. Step one: Scale back and simplify. If you don’t spread yourself thinner than angel hair pasta, you could rake in some nice cash before 2018 is through. Be more assertive about hunting down client leads, closing sales or positioning yourself for a raise and promotion. The squeaking wheel gets the oil—and the pot of gold. Do watch your spending though. Your lust for luxury will be amplified between now and November 15, but you could go broke trying to keep up with the Kardashian-Jenners.


No one puts Aquarius in the corner! But with Mars pulsing through your esoteric twelfth house for the past month, you may have flown under the radar by choice. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s time to get back in the air! This Monday, September 10, action star Mars blasts back into Aquarius for eight weeks, igniting its second blaze of 2018 in your self-authorized first house. This has been an unprecedented year for Water Bearers. 

Mars has been on a rare, extended tour through Aquarius, blessing you with drive and motivation once already, from May 16 to August 12. The issue? On June 26, Mars dipped into a befuddling retrograde for ten weeks, which threw some of your best laid plans into chaos. Just as you were preparing for liftoff, you may have lost focus (or your nerve). Maybe you got swept into someone else’s agenda and distracted from your own. And since Mars can arouse intense emotions like anger and anxiety, dealing with anything “extra” or ambitious was just too much for your system to handle at times. No wonder you needed that early September sabbatical!

Starting this Monday, you get a second chance to kick those personal goals into high gear. Mars will soar through Aquarius until November 15, bringing a strong tailwind for all your dreams. Even making a minor effort will quickly show you that your magic is back. But why aim so low? After November 15, the “go big or go home” planet won’t visit your sign for another two years. Distill the lessons from this summer’s slowdowns, then upgrade. Would investing in better software—or helpful human resources—get your farther faster? It takes money to make money and you might have to invest a little in “personal growth and development” in the name of living your best life.

 If teammates have been slowing you down, breaking off on an independent path may be the best strategy, at least while you do some visionary work. Watch your temper though! Hosting Mars can give you a short fuse. Don’t burn bridges with the people who love you, even if they are “demanding.” Manage their expectations by saying no (instead of maybe) to any resentment-generating activities. Mars gives you your fight back—so much so that your competitive nature could become combative or even cutthroat. Go easy on the stimulants; or switch that afternoon coffee to a matcha latte. With excitable Mars in your sign, you may feel wired and anxious, almost as if you’re jumping out of your own skin. Remember to pause and take some deep breaths, and maybe hit a yoga class as you speed along the Autobahn of life.


Your romantic life will start playing by some different rules on Sunday, thanks to not just one but two major planetary events. Early in the day, enchantress Venus swings into Scorpio and your expansive, exploratory ninth house for a longer-than-usual stay. She’ll be sweeping out the cobwebs here on and off until early 2019, thanks to a retrograde from October 5 to November 16.

 While the love planet in Scorpio can definitely boost emotions—which for you as a Pisces are already pretty intense—but in the ninth house, she’ll be more open-minded and willing to take a chance on an “untried commodity.” You’ll be feeling confident enough to express yourself more candidly and directly than you’re used to, which is liberating. Luckily, Venus is the diplomat of the zodiac, so your truth hammers will come wrapped in velvet. Since the ninth house also rules travel and adventure, you may be booking a trip to somewhere far-flung…with or without a plus-one. A romantic getaway is ideal, but even a short trip to a place you’ve been dying to see will expand your consciousness and maybe plant some thrilling new seeds.

Later on Sunday, the only Virgo new moon of 2018 sends a spine-tingling jolt through your seventh house of committed relationships, triggering your urge to merge. Regardless of your current status, this lunar lift sounds the starting bell to a six-month cycle where you can’t avoid dynamic duos. Whether you’re looking for a writing partner, a bandmate or a spouse, sincere search efforts will be rewarded in the weeks to come. In a LTR? What’s missing? Talking about things in a calm, kind way can lead to a breakthrough now.

 If you’re newly dating, this is your chance to practice all those high-minded ideals you read about (and discuss incessantly over group texts with your BFFs). How can you keep things hot and exciting while building a stronger sense of trust and commitment? And just how much should you reveal, and how soon? While you want to be honest and transparent, you also want to keep an air of sexy mystery. Spoiler: There are no hard-and-fast rules, Pisces; the dating game is, ultimately, all about on-the-job training.