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miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2018

Daily Horoscope: Wednesday, September 19 Tips and Predictions for Today


All aboard the wellness wagon, Aries! If you’ve been vowing to head back to the gym or (gulp!) go gluten-free, now’s the time. Kiss that greasy pizza goodbye (for a while, at least) as the moon in your ambitious tenth house trines the Sun and hunkers down in your sixth house of wellness.

Choose a workout that doesn’t feel like torture, whether it’s biking a gorgeous trail or hitting a pole dancing workshop. If you’re having a good time, you’re more likely to make this a healthy habit.


Amorous adventure is the mandate for today as the moon trines the Sun in your passionate fifth house. If you’ve been crushing on someone from afar, turn on that Taurean charm and pursue your love interest with cosmic confidence. Let yourself explore this connection without getting hung up on whether or not they’re a serious, long term prospect. It’s okay to have fun in the moment without worrying about wedding rings! Already in a relationship? 

Spice things up by booking a sexy couple’s getaway. Perhaps a restorative trip to a natural hot spring could strike the right balance of sensuality and wellness? Or maybe it’s time to make those reservations for a holiday in the tropics, before all the rooms are booked. For you, Taurus, the planning is half the fun.


Hitting a wall, Gem? You may have the urge to stay under the covers today, as the moon in your eighth house of privacy forms a trine to the Sun in your domestic fourth. Leaving your abode (not to mention the comfort of your memory-foam mattress) could be super tough this morning. If you work from home, why not turn your bed into an office for the day? If you HAVE to put in a cameo at your cubicle, do everything you can to make your workspace as homey as possible. Pack a pair of cozy slippers and BYOLLT (Bring Your Own Loose Leaf Tea).

 Reschedule any annoying, unnecessary meetings and plow through your tasks as quickly as possible. Once you’re done with your workday, rush back to Chez Gemini. Comfort food and a classic movie could be just the thing to soothe you. Netflix and chili con carne, anyone?


Don’t hold back, Cancer! If you’ve been losing sleep over a misunderstanding with a loved one, confront the issue head on today. As the passionate Sun forms a free-flowing trine with the sensitive moon, you’ll be able to articulate yourself diplomatically. You know better than most, Crab, that repressing your feelings will only lead to resentment. 

Even if it’s awkward, do your best to get everything out into the open. Just remember: There’s no need for this to turn into a heated fight. Be sure to listen and take responsibility for your own transgressions as well. If you approach the situation with an open mind and heart, you could arrive at a healing solution. Common ground is closer than you think!


Craving a little undivided attention, Leo? Huddle up with your nearest and dearest today as the moon gets cozy with your ruler, the Sun. Skip group hangs and schedule some quality time with your trusted inner circle. You’re in the mood for confidential conversations, especially if you’ve got a top secret project in the works. 

Work-wise you may need to ask your loyal confidantes for some professional advice. Just make sure to swear them to secrecy before disclosing any sensitive information—or, consider having them sign an NDA. You don’t want news of your unreleased endeavor leaking before the launch date.

You may feel like taking a walk on the wild side today as the Virgo Sun forms a high-spirited trine with the moon in your passionate fifth house. Power through your tasks and call it quits early, if possible. Once you’re free, the world is truly your Bluepoint oyster! Summon the squad for an impromptu night of dancing or karaoke; invite bae out for a dress-up dinner and midweek show.

 If you’re simply too busy for a Wednesday night turn-up, get plans in motion for an epic weekend. It will be far easier to plow through your tasks this week if there’s a flashing disco light at the end of the tunnel. Work hard, play hard—it’s the Virgo way!


Your emo side could make a cameo today as the moon in your sensitive fourth house forms a trine with the Sun in your twelfth house of intuition. Your instincts will be on high alert and you shouldn’t ignore any flashes of inner knowing. Go with your gut, but balance any fervent feelings with a healthy dose of practical judgment. 

If conflict arises, make like a peaceful warrior and pause before you rush into battle. Instead of launching an impulsive attack (a la Louboutin-flinging Libra, Cardi B) approach the conversation with a cool head and an open heart. A diplomatic discussion could easily clear up this misunderstanding—even if you have to take a cool-down break to compose yourself for it.


Where’s your team spirit, Scorpio? Search for collaborative comrades today, as the moon in your cooperative third house forms a galvanizing trine with the Sun in your eleventh house of group efforts. Your colleagues may be looking to you for guidance on a project. Don’t be afraid to take the reins, Scorpio! You’ve got the chops to steer this ship. If teammates have been acting mutinous lately, give your leadership style an honest evaluation. 

You want things done “just so,” but have you gotten a little drunk (or at least tipsy) on power? Gather with your hive and give them a chance to weigh in and really be heard. Their critiques could be the constructive feedback you need to turn this mission into a win—and you’ll need all hands on deck to make it happen!


A major payday could be in your future, Sagittarius, which is a good reason to give it some serious hustle today. Thankfully, you have ambition to spare, as the driven Sun supercharges your success-driven tenth house and forms a productive trine with the moon in your second house of money. Fix your nose firmly to that grindstone, because success is just within your reach.

 In between tasks, do a little networking. An influential colleague could be willing to put in a word on your behalf. Call for backup if you need a few extra hands to finish this project. If cash is tight, you can reward them with other forms of currency, like public credit for their contributions or even a bartering of services.


Your visionary powers are unparalleled today as the Capricorn moon forms a dynamic trine to the enterprising Virgo Sun. Power through any unavoidable tasks so you can turn your focus to a project that you’re passionate about. Genius ideas are percolating, but don’t rush to invite in feedback. First, give your independent ideas a chance to unfold…and breathe. 

You CAN trust yourself, Capricorn. If you’ve still got energy to spare at the end of the day, hit a fitness class before heading home. Reformer Pilates, Orangetheory, spin—pick your poison. And don’t be surprised if you work through a creative block during your workout. Record unformed (but brilliant) thoughts that arise in an audio memo so you can flesh them out further tomorrow.


The moon dips into your esoteric twelfth house today, forming an eye-opening trine to the Sun in your eighth house of mysteries. Don’t judge any books by their covers—no, not even if they are leather-bound and engraved in gold. Things may not be what they seem, and the person who presents like an expert could turn out to be a shady character. 

The good news is that your intuition will be sharp as a tack. If someone’s assertions seem suspect—and even if they don’t—it’s still your job to do the necessary due diligence. Check their references and ask plenty of follow up questions. While you don’t need to go overboard and invade anyone’s privacy, a little bit of sleuthing will help you suss out who is legitimate and who’s a fake.


BFF or business partner? The lines between the two could blur today as the moon in your eleventh house of friendship forms a playful trine with the sun in your partnership quarters. No need to force the professional into your personal relationships. 

But if a natural collaboration arises, why not explore the possibilities? Casual banter with a savvy friend could lead to a brilliant idea for a joint venture. Or maybe an acquaintance could usher in a surprising career opportunity. Keep an open mind, Fish. You could find yourself swimming in exciting new waters soon!