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martes, 11 de septiembre de 2018

Daily Horoscope: Tuesday, September 11, Tips and Predictions for Today


Get it done, Aries! This is an excellent day to highlight the top three items on your to-do list and put your full attention on those. Close your social media sites, silence your devices—and go! With the Virgo Sun in your industrious sixth house aligned with alchemical Pluto in your career corner, you’ll be unstoppable if you set up an environment that helps you focus.

 Today’s starmap gives you a keen eye and you could spot something “tiny” that turns out to be a huge deal. Don’t overlook those all-important details in your quest for the brass ring.


You’re dialed in today, Taurus, so set your “healthy skepticism” aside long enough to tap some manifesting magic! With the skillful Virgo Sun in your creative corner synced up with alchemical Pluto in your mystical eighth house, you’ve got two aces up your sleeve.

Slow down enough to tune in to those little intuitive “hits” you get, whether to message a certain person or turn down a random street. This is also a sizzling day for romance, so say “yes” to an intriguing invite or go out tonight and flirt like you mean it!


If you’d been planning a trip, the launch of a startup or educational reboot and it went nowhere, it’s time to try-try again. Ardent Mars returns to Aquarius and your ninth house of travel, adventure and expansion until November 15, speeding up after its first retrograde-riddled attempt from May 16 and August 12.

 This free-and-clear bonus round gives you the get-up-and-go that may have been lacking earlier in the year; or perhaps your determination will be so powerful that nothing can stop you. Be ready to roll up your sleeves, take a risk—and keep doing that blue-sky dreaming!


If a relationship feels like it might be at the tipping point, today’s galvanizing mashup of the Sun in your expressive third house and transformational Pluto in your partnership realm could bring clarity. You may have a white-light realization that there’s absolutely no value in continuing to stuff down your feelings. 

If you’re prepared to walk away, then why NOT have a no-holds-barred talk? This might actually shock the other person into making the very changes you feel are needed.


Set the distractions aside and focus! You can get a tremendous amount accomplished today—IF you can avoid multitasking or being pulled off-target. Under a rare and harmonious huddle between your ruler, the creative Sun, and penetrating Pluto in your work and money houses, you will be completely on your game.

Use those working hours to your advantage and crunch some numbers or muscle through a project phase you’ve been putting off. After work, you’ll be back in fun-loving lion mode, so make sure you’re dressed to paint the town crimson!


Experiment by mixing things up today, Virgo. With the confident Sun in your sign forming a supportive angle to transformational Pluto in your creativity zone, it’s worth testing some new approaches with colleagues, clients and anyone who seems likely to put up opposition.

 The harder you push, the harder they’ll push back, so try a different tack, like asking their opinion on something before you offer yours (or give them any “marching orders”). When they feel heard, they might not be so defensive.


There’s a big difference between helping people and doing the heavy lifting for them. You may be tempted to play Wonder Woman today, as the heroic Sun powers into a tricky opposition with selfless Neptune. Before you get weighed down by the burden of someone else’s problems, however, take stock. Are you keeping self-protective boundaries in place—or, Libra, are you sacrificing your own well-being to rush in for the save? If it’s a case of the latter, drop your golden lasso and give yourself a moment to really think about how involved you should get. How can you empower people without enabling dependency?


Team up FTW! You might prefer to labor alone, convinced that if you want a job done right, you have to DIY; but you know the difference between a belief and fact, don’t you, Scorpio? Today’s supportive trine between the competent Sun in your communal corner and your ruler, transformational Pluto, in your house of friends, siblings and neighbors might shine a light on THE perfect person to help you with a project.

 In fact, if you’re willing to suspend your disbelief, they can actually improve it!


You work hard for your money, so it’s natural that you want to enjoy it! But today, as the industrious Virgo Sun in your professional tenth house aligns with controlling Pluto in your financial sector, it could be an eye-opening experience to evaluate how much you’re earning each month versus how much you’re spending.

 If the latter amount far exceeds the former, it’s time to flip the script. This isn’t to say you have to constantly deny and deprive yourself, but you might need to redirect your cash flow.


With the Sun in your visionary house aligned with penetrating Pluto in your sign today, you’re in blue-sky-thinking mode, Capricorn. To get the most bang for your buck, clear out those mind-numbing tasks early (or put ‘em off till tomorrow) and give yourself the time and space to let your imaginative run off-leash. 

Bow out of interminable meetings; let long-winded people’s calls go to voicemail. Keep a journal with you or your notes app open so you can be sure to capture every random notion—some of which are sure to be winners!


You might have to go undercover to pull off a major mission today. With the Sun synced up to alchemical Pluto in your most subterranean, intuitive houses, you should trust your instincts but not necessary much else.

People could be trying to advance their own agenda or acting like anything BUT team players. Since you won’t be able to call anyone out on anything under these cunning skies, do your thing quietly. As long as you’re acting for the collective greater good, this is perfectly justifiable.


So much for the “lone Fish” routine today. You won’t be able to duck the crowds under today’s irresistibly magnetic mashup of the glowing Sun and alchemical Pluto in two of your people houses. 

Recruiting for Team Pisces or trying to find one more person for your committee? Put the word out and you may have more volunteers than you can possibly sift through; and since the Sun is in your partnership house, one of these new faces could turn out to be more than a platonic pal.