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jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2018

Daily Horoscope: Thursday, September 6, Tips and Predictions for Today


You've been working so hard, Aries, but ever since karmic Saturn turned retrograde in your career house on April 17, you've had to deal with frustrating delays, stalled progress, even a couple setbacks. Today, the taskmaster planet pivots back into direct motion and you'll start to see results for all your hustling. You can take solace in the fact that while Saturn's lessons are often difficult, they’re never frivolous. Any plans and goals that managed to withstand the constant whiplash of the past four and a half months should be solid enough to propel you forward. In the days to come, you may finally get the recognition you deserve—quite possibly with a promotion.


Things are turning around, Taurus! You’ve probably felt more than a little frustration in the past few months, as Saturn has been retrograde in Capricorn and your ninth house of expansion since April 17. Doors might not have closed, but they were more ajar than open; and trying to get people to green-light production has been slow going. But today, as Saturn pivots back into direct motion, those professional portals will open right back up! Victories that seemed a million miles away will soon be within your reach. Before the month is through, you can hit a legit milestone and pass to the next level of the game.

Who’s on your side, Gem? Ever since karmic Saturn turned retrograde in your house of secrecy and intimacy this past April 17, that answer has eluded you. Hopefully you didn’t let paranoid thoughts sabotage a good thing—but in some cases, being a little less trusting was probably a good idea. Today, your people-radar sharpens again as Saturn resumes forward motion. If someone betrayed you, it may be time to cut your losses (or take a legit break) instead of trying to repair the breach; but if these are just irrational fears, begin taking baby steps towards building a relationship. If you’ve found a sure thing, Saturn can help you make a solid commitment. Don’t be afraid to go “all in,” Gemini, because that’s when the REAL excitement begins.


Ready for a partnership reboot? One or two important relationships may have gone through a stress test over the past four months, thanks to Saturn retrograding through Capricorn and your seventh house of dynamic duos. Since April 17, you may have found yourself questioning even the strongest of bonds, or maybe you’ve just been hesitating about moving forward together. As Saturn corrects course, you can put all these lingering fears onto the table and deal with them pragmatically instead of emotionally. Or maybe all you need to do is start showing up and being available again. With that small shift, you could slip back into an easy and familiar rhythm with your “other half.” There, that’s more like it.


You're spiritually inclined, Leo, and today you could feel especially so. You might be attracted to meditation groups or the study of the texts of various religions. You're also likely to feel especially psychic, and you might experience some premonitions that actually come true. This is a good time to train your psychic abilities or try reading runes or tarot cards.

Get ready for an inspiration renaissance! With Saturn retrograde in your fifth house of romance and creativity since April 17, you may have struggled to summon your signature passion. Your enthusiasm and energy may have dimmed, but don’t worry, Virgo, it hasn’t disappeared forever. Starting today, as Saturn resumes its forward motion, that infectious Virgo zeal will return with a vengeance. Reconnect to that spring fling (the one who had much more potential) or get some cultural activities on the calendar with your S.O. Since Saturn rules structure, get into a routine that bolsters your connection to your creative and seductive spirit. Start putting yourself out there again. Your hard work of the past four months could soon bring more than fifteen minutes of fame!


Ready to get your feet back on solid ground? Today, stabilizing Saturn ends an unsettling retrograde that began on April 17. This one took place in your fourth house of domestic affairs, family and roots, which might have made it hard to feel totally “at home” in the world—or maybe even under your own roof! But thanks to Saturn’s about-face, you can begin to get your base back in order. Whether it’s time to move house, call a family meeting (to set up clear agreements and a color-coded chore chart, obvi), or create a savvier storage system, proceed systematically. Even while in forward motion, Saturn can be a slowpoke. Be patient with the process!


Have a few of your best laid plans been unraveling, Scorpio? The cosmos have been jamming your signals since April 17, when karmic Saturn went into a frustrating retrograde in Capricorn and your third house of communication. Tag team efforts could have hit a speed bump too, making you wonder if you’re better off working alone. Thankfully, this chaotic backspin ends today and you can start to get these dynamic ideas back on track. Saturn rewards structure and a solid plan. Where do you want your life to go this fall…and with who by your side? Set realistic goals and identify the steps it will take to achieve them. All the work you’ve done since the spring—no matter how frustrating the setbacks have been—will soon pay off.


Time to get your fiscal fitness back on point, Sag. Disciplined Saturn turns direct in your second house of work and money after being retrograde since April 17. Staying on budget hasn't been easy since spring. You may even feel like you're living beyond your means or that you just want to earn more—or do more with your paycheck. With Saturn back on track, it's time to make a wealth-building plan. Don't sweat any setbacks that occurred. Use what you've learned over the past four-plus months to move forward in your career and beef up your portfolio. Don't be afraid to seek advice from a career coach or financial adviser who might see opportunities you're missing.


Got growing pains, Cap? Since December 19, 2017, Saturn, the planet of karmic justice (and your cosmic ruler), has been hunkered down in your sign, pushing you toward a major transformation. It’s never easy to press the reboot button on your life. And since Saturn turned retrograde on April 17, you’ve had to provide some extra elbow grease. But today, as Saturn resumes forward motion, you’ll see the fruits of your labors—and a well-deserved a lucky break could soon come your way. For the next two-plus years, you’ll continue to host the structured planet in your sign, so don’t rest on your laurels (as if!). Major breakthroughs are on the horizon if you keep hustling. A Saturn phase can bring lasting security, stability and success, so keep working hard. This cycle, which lasts until December 2020, could seriously change your life.

Relief is coming, Aquarius. Today, your co-ruler, sober Saturn, ends a retrograde that began on April 17, and moves ahead into your twelfth house of healing and completion. If you’ve been nursing an ongoing grudge, you may soon get resolution and even work to bury the hatchet. If there’s a toxic situation at work, don’t just grin and bear it. Seek advice from a trusted mentor about how to resolve the issue. And maybe it’s time to check in with a therapist or spiritual advisor about your personal journey—and even set up regular appointments for a bit. After you’ve cleaned your emotional slate, make room in your schedule for some self-care. Glamping in a beautiful setting could recharge you, especially if daily yoga and clean food are part of the package. The only question is: by the beach or deep in the woods?


Should you stay or should you go? Ever since structured Saturn turned retrograde on April 17, you may be feeling conflicted about your involvement with a particular crew. Is this group lifting you up or dragging you down? Although you thrive in the company supportive people, your compassionate sign can magnetize crisis-junkies and energy vampires disguised as caring friends. Today, Saturn resumes forward motion, helping you weed out the keepers—and create way firmer boundaries with people who have been draining the life out of you! Even successful collaborations could benefit from a bit more structure starting today. Call a team meeting before the week is through to make sure that duties are being distributed fairly…and to the most capable hands.