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lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2018

Daily Horoscope: Monday, September 3, Tips and Predictions for Today


Ready, set, connect! You’ll be in the mood to work the crowd, thanks to today’s super-social moon-Venus alignment. Take charge in any “blue skies” brainstorms at work, organize a team power lunch, and RSVP “yes” to any major industry events. Your romantic partnerships will also get a boost of cosmic mojo under today’s starmap. Single? You probably won’t find your one true love while binge-watching Pose and eating popcorn on the couch. Use today’s gregarious energy to rally everyone for an evening out—maybe an excuse to try a new craft brewery. Is that your future plus-one sipping on a small batch IPA? If you’re already bae’d up, schedule a double date with your favorite couple. A little group outing could be just the thing to shake up your typical routine.


Get organized, Bull! Streamlining is the name of the game today, as a moon-Venus alignment gives you a burst of systematizing inspiration. What areas in your life are lacking that synergistic magic? Clean your office, get the pile of laundry in your bedroom under control, or install that brand new shelving system that’s been gathering dust in your closet. Once you’ve power-drilled and decluttered, get out there and enjoy a beautiful end-of-summer evening. Check out an outdoor movie screening or plan a sunset picnic in the park. Up your beverage game, by packing some chilled, natural wines. Don’t rule out romance—anything could happen under these stars!


Zip through that to-do list, Gem! You’ll have serious go-getter momentum, thanks to today’s energizing moon-Venus alignment. If you’ve got a long weekend, why not start that home improvement project you’ve been putting off? Or you could sneak in a few hours of work to get a head start on the upcoming week. Just don’t spend TOO long with your nose to the grindstone. End this three-day weekend with a celebration! Call your friends for an impromptu turn up or keep it chill with a more intimate crowd. If there’s someone you’ve been crushing on, use the sensual influence of Venus to turn on that charm. For maximum enjoyment, keep your guest list small. And only invite the people who will put a genuine smile on your face!


Relax, Cancer! Don’t even TRY to get work done today, as a lazy moon-Venus alignment puts you in a languid, luxurious mood. Got the day off? Cook up some fun like lounging at a chic, rooftop pool or booking a sexy staycation with bae at a trendy new hotel. (Hey, there MIGHT be a last-minute cancellation…you never know.) Maybe you’re already on a weekend adventure with your squad, in which case, keep doing what you’re doing! If you DO have to work today (grr), take it easy. If possible, sneak out of the office early and meet up with friends for an end-of-summer rosé! If you don’t feel like socializing, head straight home for a cozy night of delivery dinner in your nest. Never underestimate the power of Postmates!


No labor for you on Labor Day, Leo! It’s ALL about relaxation today, so say no to those “I-COULD-catch-up-on-work” urges. Instead, embrace the social vibes of this gregarious moon-Venus alignment. One day of doing nothing could do EVERYTHING for your mental health. You deserve a break! Splurge on a rosé magnum and be the most popular guest at the last barbeque of 2018. Make a point to reconnect with any friends you haven’t seen in a while. And if there are no big plans on the books, no worries! Just invite a couple close amigas over for a casual at-home hang. Have to go into the office? Take it easy and sneak out early if you can. There’s still plenty of summer fun to have tonight!

Turn on that Virgo wit and charm! You’ll be irresistible today, as a gregarious moon-Venus mashup blesses you with a sprinkle of mingling magic. Don’t waste this charismatic energy on a day of work. Instead, get out there and live your Labor Day truth! Strut into that pool party with confidence and you’ll be the toast of this end-of-summer soiree. Even if your plans don’t involve anything aquatic, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a splash. Rather than cling to familiar companions, get to know a fresh face. Dive deep into conversation with this person and you might uncover some unexpected connections. Your social curiosity could be rewarded with a fabulous new friendship.


Today you're likely to be working hard behind the scenes, perhaps preparing a project for others to make public or coaching people for some kind of performance. You'll expend a lot of energy in the course of completing this chore, yet you'll probably feel it was all worth it. Don't expect to go home early, Libra. You'll probably go above and beyond the call of duty.


Reach out to your inner circle, especially if you’ve been neglecting your friendship duties recently. Sure, all relationships are a two-way street and certain people may also be failing in the communication department. But SOMEONE’S got to make the first move. Let down your defenses, as today’s warmhearted moon-Venus trine helps you seamlessly reconnect. Chances are, you both have gotten a little too wrapped up in your own busy lives. Once you reach out, you’ll probably fall right back into your old, familiar banter. If there is a deeper issue at play, start an honest dialogue and sort out this misunderstanding. Working through the meltdowns will only bring you closer together.


Has life been imitating a rom-com recently? You may begin to sense some “will-they-won’t-they” vibes with a close friend, as today’s moon-Venus trine sends some unexpected (and possibly romantic) energy your way. Is this a brilliant idea…or a recipe for disaster? Before taking the plunge, consider ALL the potential outcomes. If you aren’t 100 percent sure about this, it’s probably best to wait things out and see if these feelings last. Already coupled up? This sensual starmap will make you an irrepressible flirt, which is fine as long as you know where to draw the line. This is not the day to toy with temptation though, Sagittarius, as attractions can heat up quicker than you expect.


What puts you in the soothe zone, Cap? Today is all about achieving that mind-body balance, as the moon forms a relaxing trine with peaceful Venus. Head to the park for outdoor meditation, a few sun salutations, or a little time with your journal—whatever it takes to give your spiritual batteries a jump. Eating clean can also keep you calm. If you’re going to a Labor Day barbeque, why not BYOVB (Bring Your Own Veggie Burger)? While you’re at it, swap out those craft beers for some craft kombucha. If you don’t have the day off, practice self-care while you’re working. Take an extra long lunch break with friends or sneak off for a little midday retail therapy. If you spot an item that could help “Zen” your workspace, go for it! Is that air purifying salt lamp calling your name?

Your love is limitless today, Aquarius! Good thing, since romance could take a worldly turn as the moon forms an ardent alignment with sensual Venus in your zone of international affairs. Single? Flirt with an out-of-towner at that Labor Day barbeque, or check out a scintillating foreign film with a date. If you happen to be traveling over the long weekend, stay open to the possibility of romance. Already coupled up? Celebrate the last weekend of summer by taking a day trip to your favorite hiking trail or picnic spot. Resort life more your style? Frozen watermelon margaritas by the pool are a must!


Who makes you feel most at home, Pisces? Connect with your loved ones today, as convivial Venus forms a caring trine with the moon in your domestic fourth house. A woman in your life may give you some extra support and help you through a difficult time. Or maybe you’re the one with some healing advice for a close friend or relative. Whatever the case, make time for those who matter most. Plan a day trip to the park or beach; or fire up Skype for an extended long distance chat. If you’ve got to work through today’s holiday, make your office as homey as possible. Trade those uncomfortable work shoes from some cozy slippers, and make a pot of your favorite coffee. Try to call it quits a little early and go out on the town with your crew!