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viernes, 7 de septiembre de 2018

Daily Horoscope, Friday, September 7, Tips and Predictions for Today


Fact or fiction? The line between the two could be blurry today, as the Sun opposes murky Neptune. Things are not what they seem at first blush, so proceed with caution before making any big decisions. Do a deep-dive into the details and attempt to sort out what’s really going on. If that doesn’t work, tap into your intuition. A twenty-minute meditation could clear your channels; then see what flows out as you write in your journal or discuss the matter with one of your “sounding board” friends. But maybe it would be best to shelve the FINAL decision until tomorrow. If possible, sleep on it, Aries. And who knows? Things could naturally resolve themselves by the time the morning rolls around.


Who needs the peanut gallery? Not you, Taurus. Today, the confident Sun opposes foggy Neptune in your group sector. If you’ve got an important decision to make, avoid crowdsourcing feedback. Outside opinions could further confuse you and make you doubt your own perspective. If you HAVE to engage a large group during this process, try to delay a final resolution until this confusing transit is no longer muddying the energy (like, say, until Monday). The whole team may benefit from the “marinating time” and you could return to the table with a clearer direction next week. Even if you have a stressful day, don’t overindulge tonight. Yes, a shot of tequila may feel good while you’re out at the club, but under these skies, one could turn into three, which could turn into regrets.


Your engines are revving, Gemini, but where are you going? You may have difficulty channeling your ambitious energy today, as a murky Sun-Neptune opposition clouds your judgment. When it comes to your lofty goals, you could be mulling over a few different plans to achieve them. Which one to choose? Even if you’ve done all your research, you may still feel conflicted. Rather than jumping into something you’re unsure of, ask your trusted squad for their perspectives. By adding (just a few) additional opinions to the mix, it may help you arrive at a resolution. Still feeling conflicted? Wait to make any big moves until you’ve had a chance to sleep on this. If you’re taking a big step, you want to make sure its the right one.


Supporting friends and colleagues shouldn’t come at the expense of your own sanity, Cancer. But under today’s opposition of the life-giving Sun and sacrificial Neptune, you might realize that a certain relationship is starting to drain you. No need to ghost; just pull back and refill your own tanks. Mute the text thread and go get a manicure and a blowout for the weekend. Steel your will: You aren’t obligated to invite THAT person along if you feel like hanging out with a different crowd tonight. Same thing goes for your career. If you’re already drowning in work, don’t agree to take on additional projects or assignments without careful consideration. If it seems like an important opportunity, then you may have to let go of another obligation to keep your “quality of life” in balance.


Even the fiercest Lions need an extra pair of paws now and again. Today, as your ruler, the self-possessed Sun, gets in a cosmic brawl with sensitive Neptune, you may find yourself in a tough situation. Don’t put up a super-confident front if you’re secretly struggling. Reach out to your inner circle and they’ll be more than happy to help you through this! You’ve probably bailed them out of more than a few predicaments and now it’s time for them to return that stack of favors—a far better option than suffering in silence! Elsewhere, has someone been mistaking your kindness for weakness? It may be time for a show of strength. Push back on their demands and just say no to any outrageous requests.

Get ready for an inspiration renaissance! With Saturn retrograde in your fifth house of romance and creativity since April 17, you may have struggled to summon your signature passion. Your enthusiasm and energy may have dimmed, but don’t worry, Virgo, it hasn’t disappeared forever. Starting today, as Saturn resumes its forward motion, that infectious Virgo zeal will return with a vengeance. Reconnect to that spring fling (the one who had much more potential) or get some cultural activities on the calendar with your S.O. Since Saturn rules structure, get into a routine that bolsters your connection to your creative and seductive spirit. Start putting yourself out there again. Your hard work of the past four months could soon bring more than fifteen minutes of fame!


There’s a big difference between helping people and doing the heavy lifting for them. You may be tempted to play Wonder Woman today, as the heroic Sun powers into a tricky opposition with selfless Neptune. Before you get weighed down by the burden of someone else’s problems, however, take stock. Are you keeping self-protective boundaries in place—or, Libra, are you sacrificing your own well-being to rush in for the save? If it’s a case of the latter, drop your golden lasso and give yourself a moment to really think about how involved you should get. How can you empower people without enabling dependency?


Is the spotlight shining a little too brightly for your liking? Today, as the bold Sun forms a tricky opposition with mysterious Neptune, you may have trouble deciding what aspects of your private life you want to share with the public. If there’s exciting news bursting within you, shouting it across the Twitterverse CAN help you celebrate the big deal developments. Maybe you recently scored a dream job, decorated your apartment to Pinterest perfection or you just saw the most amazing band perform live. Nothing wrong with some hashtag brags on social media today. Just make sure you’re fully ready to share this news. It’s still your Scorpionic prerogative to keep things in the vault. Besides, you don’t want to disrupt any still-in-the-works decisions.

To-do or to-don’t? You may have trouble tackling that task list today, as a distracting Sun-Neptune opposition slows your productivity. Taking care of the boring details isn’t exactly an Archer’s cup of tea, and you’ll be extra sidetracked today. If you’re slogging through a particularly tedious assignment at work, take a quick kombucha break! While you’re out and about, linger in the sun for a few extra minutes—and, hey, maybe try on a few pairs of shades with colored lenses. Of course, if you’re working toward an urgent deadline, you may have no choice BUT to stay glued to your chair. Instead of building breaks into the day, create a juicy reward for tonight, like dinner at your all-time favorite fancy restaurant or tickets to a show you’ve been dying to see.

Got growing pains, Cap? Since December 19, 2017, Saturn, the planet of karmic justice (and your cosmic ruler), has been hunkered down in your sign, pushing you toward a major transformation. It’s never easy to press the reboot button on your life. And since Saturn turned retrograde on April 17, you’ve had to provide some extra elbow grease. But today, as Saturn resumes forward motion, you’ll see the fruits of your labors—and a well-deserved a lucky break could soon come your way. For the next two-plus years, you’ll continue to host the structured planet in your sign, so don’t rest on your laurels (as if!). Major breakthroughs are on the horizon if you keep hustling. A Saturn phase can bring lasting security, stability and success, so keep working hard. This cycle, which lasts until December 2020, could seriously change your life.


Friend or frenemy? You may be feeling a bit paranoid when it comes to relationships today, as the Sun forms a confusing opposition with murky Neptune. Avoid jumping to any irrational conclusions about the people in your orbit, especially if you don’t have all the facts. Is your sister actually launching a vast conspiracy to undermine your every move…or did she simply forget to call you back? Sometimes the simplest explanation is the right one. Instead of acting on unfounded theories, investigate and find out the truth. When in doubt, sleep on it! You’ll be in a better headspace tomorrow.

Your time is precious, Pisces! So don’t let people waste it, especially when you’ve got a lot on your plate. While it’s important to stop and hear people out, don’t let them throw off your entire schedule. Alas, a Sun-Neptune opposition might make it hard to get straight to the point today. Be upfront with people about your schedule—if you have another meeting in ten minutes, let it be known! People may actually find your honesty refreshing, so don’t worry about hurting their feelings. Who knows? If you’re smart about things, you could even finish work early. Cheers to the weekend, Pisces!