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lunes, 27 de agosto de 2018

Weekly Horoscope, August 27 to September 3, Good Week Friends!


A magnanimous Aries spares no expense—and when you’re in the mood to treat, it’s like “What budget?”! But your generous nature may need to be monitored under Thursday’s reality-checking square between expansive Mars in your friendship zone and disruptive Uranus in your money house. If you want to get ahead financially, you’ve got to set some limits. When you’re out with a group, do you always kick in more than your fair share? And have people come to expect it of you and contribute way less than they owe?

Why do you feel like you have to subsidize them? Or if your squad thinks nothing of dropping hundred dollar bills every time you hit the town, trying to keep up is only going to land you in a puddle of red ink. Before the next pricey outing, stop and ask yourself: Is this really worth going into debt for? Suggest an alternative that fits with your fiscal goals. Don’t feel bad about being the buzzkill. Even if you DO have the funds, better to flow them into an index fund than another round of champagne. The fix could be insanely easy here: Ask people to chip in and watch as they reach for their wallets.


No more hitting the snooze button, Taurus. On Monday, August 27, motivator Mars rouses from an eight-week nap and powers forward through Capricorn and your ninth house of travel and adventure. You’ll be playing Marco Polo in real time, as the red planet reclaims the helm and steers you toward exciting new terrain between now and September 10. Pull out your wheelie suitcase, and maybe even your passport. You’ve got distant vistas on your brain, and the cosmic red dynamo will act like a gale-force tailwind, propelling you on a fantastic voyage. Of course, not everyone can jet off on a moment’s notice. You can have great adventures closer to home base: from hometown fall festivals, to hiking adventures in your own state to yoga retreats within driving distance. You can also expand your worldly knowledge—and social network—by enrolling in a fall semester class or self-development workshop.

No matter where you’re dropping pins, multicultural mingling could cause sparks to fly. Make a point of getting to know people from different backgrounds who live nearby or are just passing through. This could lead to a friendship or possibly more. But be sensitive. With brash Mars in the picture, trying to break the ice with sarcasm that doesn’t translate may have the opposite of your intended effect. Even with your own circle, be careful when you wield your truth hammer. While you’d rather keep it real than hold in your honest feelings, there’s no excuse for pounding people with a tactless rant. Stand up for your beliefs and values, but respect other people’s opinions.


Home is where your heart—and much mental focus—will be starting Thursday, August 23, as the Sun beams into Virgo and your fourth house of family, foundations and domestic delights until September 22. Suddenly the same old walls may start to look like they need a fresh coat of paint—or maybe you can knock that one down to create a more open floor plan? Ideas may come fast and furious, particularly if you spend a lot of time on Pinterest and sites like Domino and Houzz. Thanks to Virgo’s tidy, minimalist vibes, you might get inspired to pare WAY down and throw yourself into a monthlong decluttering mission. Be smart about what you do with your discarded treasures: Offer some to friends, donate much to worthy organizations and barter, upcycle or sell the things with appreciable value. (But maybe hang onto grandma’s heirloom china.) Some Geminis might finally be ready to make a move—across town or across the country—while others will get into serious discussions with roommates or bae about changing up their living arrangement. Try to think down the road and not just in the present moment. Transitions like this are exciting but can be hard to undo when they’re enacted. Check your heart before doing anything “drastic.” When all these shifts are done, showcase your on-fleek space with a cocktail or dinner party. You might reconnect to your own inner host(ess) with the most(ess)!

Forgiveness is easy to talk about but harder to actually do, especially when it’s human nature to derive a strong sense of satisfaction from nursing an old grudge. But here’s the thing, Gemini: By forgiving someone else, you actually do YOURSELF the real favor. You may not realize how much energetic bandwidth this is taking up. Under Saturday’s exceptional and empowering grand earth trine, you’ll have a rare chance to release something (or someone) for once and for all and let bygones be bygones. The generous Sun connects the dots with tough-love Saturn and transformational Uranus in your most sensitive houses. Don’t overthink it or turn it into a Hollywood production. Just decide to move on and then let it go! When you get stuck, remind yourself that everyone, yourself included, is only human.


Sometimes, Cancer, the line between love and “hate” is so thin that you accidentally cross it without realizing it! Ever since passionate Mars turned retrograde on June 26 and backpedaled from Aquarius to Capricorn on August 12—aka your relationship houses—you may have been playing the “love them/love them not” game. Your S.O., your creative partner, a potential business associate: wonderful people, yes, but also capable of working your nerves like few others can.

 If you gave yourself vertigo riding that emotional rollercoaster, here’s some news that’s sure to put a smile on your face. This Monday, August 27, the red planet officially makes a U-turn and zips full steam ahead in Capricorn until September 10. Your sensitive sign hates drama, and while the past eight weeks have brought their share of that, hopefully you’ve also learned a few important lessons. Starting this Monday, it gets easier to set healthy boundaries, stand up for yourself and walk away if a relationship is dragging you down. With Mars powering forward, people (including you) will be more open to compromise. Let us not forget that this IS lusty Mars in your partnership zone, so the determining factor may not be talk. If your mojo downshifted into slow-mo and you want to get back up to cruising speed (obviously), make thrice-weekly workouts and eight hours of sleep non-negotiable habits. Trade the boring cotton unmentionables for some appropriately sexy lingerie. Whether single or spoken for, you’ll be very much in demand!


Kick off the flip-flops and lace up your cross-trainers. On Monday, August 27, motivational Mars blows the whistle on an eight-week retrograde in your wellness zone and resumes forward motion. Time to cue up the fitspo, Leo, and maybe select a few workout apps for those days when you just can’t make it to the gym. As the red planet blazes ahead in Capricorn until September 10, you’ll be eager to return your energy levels to normal, and the best way to do that is by moving your body. As one of the most social signs of the zodiac (and the one whose attention is the most easily distracted by other, shinier things), enlist a friend or workout buddy to keep you on track. Talk about your goals and come up with a game plan for the rest of the summer. Maybe turn each other on to your favorite movement: Orangetheory, Flywheel, rock climbing? And mix it up: Switch a few beginner Hatha sessions with power Vinyasa—or kickboxing or spin. Plan activity dates with your sweetie or friends instead of lounging on the couch or bellying up to the bar. But don’t stop with exercise. Your body is craving clean fuel. Become a regular at the farmers market. Ask your kitchen-wizard friends for their top three go-to fall recipes (or favorite recipe apps) and create your rotation.

Since the sixth house also rules your daily work and Mars gets bored quickly, find ways to make your 9-5 more stimulating. Ask for some special assignments—or propose one yourself. Just don’t bite off more than you can chew (a Mars pitfall…and, yes, a Leo one, too). Over the coming two weeks, pick a goal that is manageable and make it your mission to achieve it masterfully. That might require you to pick up a few new skills along the way, so lean in to the humility of the sixth house and ditch the perfectionism. Growth can be messy at first, but that’s part of the deal. As the saying goes, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.”


Rise and shine, Virgo! Monday could be downright festive for you, as lusty Mars rouses from an eight-week retrograde. Your personal life may have been in flux since June 26, which is when the passionate planet turned retrograde. But this Monday, August 27, the celestial firecracker resumes forward motion, turning all heads in YOUR direction. True, your eternal flame can never be extinguished, but during this slowdown it may have dimmed a little, especially since August 12 when Mars scooted back into Capricorn and your fifth house of glamour, fame and romance. In some ways, this was a blessing in disguise. You probably needed a little respite from the limelight (and all the accompanying #CelebrityLife dramas). Plus it was a chance to turn your attention inward and do some romantic recon work.

But now, with the red planet motoring forward in Capricorn until September 10, you’re ready to crawl out of your protective shell and reclaim your crown and scepter. Consider these two key questions: What do you want to be known for, and what do you want your love life to look like? Mars’ momentum will fast-track fame-boosting ideas and relationships for the next six weeks. If you need to do some self-development work to get where you want to be, call in the pros: a coach, stylist, mentor and co-conspirators. Unattached Virgos should update your dating app profiles, ask friends to fix you up and plant yourself among eligible options, even if that means checking out new scenes. Attached? Don’t just autopilot it to your side of the couch for another Netflix night. Make reservations at a white-tablecloth restaurant or splurge on a room in a boutique Airbnb for a weekend getaway. Since the fifth house also rules fame, a leadership position may drop into your lap. Or, with a little savvy social posting, the media could come a-knocking!


Want to be happier at home? Starting this Monday, that’s a goal worth pursuing in earnest as go-getter Mars flips out of an eight-week retrograde that began on June 26. Since then, your attempts to “put yourself out there” may have been met with less than the usual amount of fanfare, and, on a few frustrating days, mixed reviews. And since Mars slipped back from Aquarius into Capricorn on August 12, family drama and domestic discord might have disrupted your ability to relax under your own roof. Now for the good news! This Monday, August 27, Mars gets back on track, powering forward through Capricorn until September 10. Wake up and recharge with some morning yoga, but forget about laying in savasana all day. With your fourth house revved up, friends and family will demand face time. When you’re “on,” you’re a ball of fire, but you’re still only one Libra. With so many people to catch up with, why not host a weeknight happy hour? Getting the crew together for a laid-back hang will refill your tanks in every way.

If you’ve been quibbling (or out-and-out battling) with a cranky or difficult relative, roomie or landlord, Mars will strengthen your backbone. Stand up for yourself and set limits with this pushy person. On the other hand, if you’ve been contemplating a move—across town or across the country—the red planet’s renewed drive and determination can hasten your departure. Happily nested? Give at least one corner of your space a Pinterest-worthy makeover. (Haven’t you always kind of wanted to post a #Shelfie?) Since the fourth house governs all things feminine, this cycle could bring some energizing ladies into your orbit. They’ll be a great source of support for you; some Libras might even join—or start—a women’s group.


Say it loud and say it proud, Scorpio. This Monday, August 27, powerhouse Mars resumes forward motion after a retrograde that began on June 26. Family and household drama may have punctuated the past eight weeks—and even your attempts at diplomatic dialogue may have left people feeling like you were yanking their chains. (So not your intention…but good luck telling THEM that…) When Mars backed up from Aquarius into Capricorn and your third house of communication on August 12, it may have felt like a double-whammy with Mercury retrograde. Raise your hand if you feel like going on a silent meditation just to get your head clear after all that?! But really, Scorpio, there’s no need for the gag order. As the red planet blasts full steam ahead through Capricorn and your expressive third house until September 10, your messages won’t be at such a high risk of being lost in translation. No more nodding your head in agreement in meetings. As this week progresses, you’ll have a thing or two to say (or tweet) about pretty much everything. As your innate curiosity inches back up to peak levels, reclaim your spot as your squad’s entertainment director and guide everyone toward a fun-filled lineup of local activities. Make it your mission to sample new venues instead of drifting to your familiar haunts. The beauty of this buzzy Mars cycle is that it lets you experiment without locking yourself into any membership packages.

This is also an enriching time for Scorpio writers, performers, teachers and any kind of public speakers. You’ll have an easier-than-ever time getting your message out to the world—or finally getting that novel or screenplay down on paper. But even in direct motion, Mars in the third house can be a provocateur. Think about what you say before you blurt or type it, even with your closest of friends. You might think they appreciate your candor, but privately they could be harboring resentment. Use your Spidey senses to vibe this out and approach them gently, inviting them to share their feelings with you. This could lead to an improved relationship in the long run.


Been spinning your wheels, Sagittarius? That’s no way for an intrepid Archer to roll through life! Blame it on retrograde Mars, which has been on an extended moonwalk since June 26. If you’ve been “sticking it out” with a job or a relationship that doesn’t float your boat, you need to pull up the anchor and cruise into a new harbor! Lucky for you, this Monday, August 27, the red planet wakes up from his eight-week retrograde and delivers a tsunami of drive, motivation and mojo to your career and personal life. Over the coming two weeks you’ll feel a whole new wave of excitement about your career path again as Mars powers up Capricorn and your house of prosperity. If you’re happy at your current gig, you might want to talk to upper management or your clients about taking on some new challenges (and appropriate compensation). But if, in your heart of hearts, you know it’s time to move on, bold Mars will give you the confidence and courage to start a serious search. The second house rules practical life matters, so begin by updating your resume and LinkedIn, researching “best practices” for creating a personal website, and power-networking like only a gregarious Sagittarius can.

There might be moments of frustration along the way but think of them as growing pains. The second house is associated with the throat, so speak up at work, and don’t shy away from delivering the occasional pep talk. (Singing is great therapy, too, whether in the shower or the karaoke bar.) Align your outer world with your inner desires and you’ll be a money magnet. Mars as a ship captain can be rash and impulsive, so be budget savvy to ensure you don’t burn it as fast as you earn it. Of course, with careful planning, you can still make a wonderful “investment purchase:” the perfect fall bag or a lightweight (and more portable) laptop. If it’s practical AND brings you joy on a daily basis, consider it a quality-of-life splurge.


Come out of hiding, Capricorn! Starting this Monday, August 27, your voice goes from a whisper to a scream as gutsy Mars wakes up from an eight-week backspin (retrograde)—one that has been whipping through Capricorn since August 12. The celestial sleeping pill will begin wearing off, and soon, you’ll be back to full strength—and possibly stronger than ever after this deep, power nap. The red planet already charged through your sign from March 17 to May 16, 2018—a time where you may have felt all fired up and ready to take on the world. But just when you thought it was all systems go, the June 26 backspin may have stalled projects and plans, frustrating the hell out of you. Hopefully, though, you used this time to strengthen your fiscal foundations and tie up some loose ends.

Now, Mars is calling you back to action. And with the galactic go-getter charging forward through your sign, you have until September 10 to maximize this burst of momentum. After that, you won’t host the fiery planet again for nearly two years, so don’t apologize if you’re more self-focused for a couple of weeks. To make the most of this power surge, prioritize your passions. You could make major strides on a mission you began between mid-March and mid-May, though you might have to become your own taskmaster. As a routine-driven earth sign, you can be a little resistant to change, especially if the process feels overwhelming. But with Mars in your corner, you could shock yourself by finally moving out of your too-small apartment, getting an agent or rep for your work, or pursuing a long-standing crush instead of pining from a “safe” distance. Carpe diem!


Should you stay or should you go? There’s not much gray area when the self-assured Sun begins its annual trek through Virgo and your eighth house of permabonding on Thursday, August 23. Partnered Aquarius may find themselves at the “make it or break it” point sometime before September 22, and reaching a decision may not be easy. You see all of this person’s good qualities, yet those few little issues make commitment feel like a bad idea. Here’s a thought: Can you work with a couple’s therapist and get everything out in the open? (‘Cause if you’re willing to bolt, what have you got to lose?) On the flip side, if YOU’RE sure and they’re equivocating, what can you do to gently push them toward a more official status without causing them to rebel? The best approach might be to shift into neutral gear and let them come around. And if they don’t, well, that’s the sign you need. Single? You will not have the patience for players. This intensifying solar surge will tug at your heart, and it won’t feel good to be intimate with someone who doesn’t even know your last name. Of course, since the eighth house does rule sex and seduction, some Water Bearers may be happy to “carpe diem” (or is that “carpe noctem”?) and not be too concerned with what, if anything, happens next.

Big shifts could come as early as Saturday, when a rare and fortuitous grand earth trine powers up your most strongly felt chart sectors. This supportive equilateral triangle involves your two planetary rulers, transformational Uranus and stabilizing Saturn, and the ego-driven Sun in your house of long-term investments and shared resources. Money could come in from an unexpected source (the repayment of a loan or a surprise gift from a relative), or a forgotten venture might pay a hefty dividend. It’s a good time to review your savings strategy and make sure you’re on pace for those big plans. If not, set up an appointment with an adviser for next week to help you get back on track!


Fasten the velvet ropes. That open-door policy didn’t work out the way you’d hoped, which has made you more careful about who you admit into Team Pisces. That elite circle has probably grown even more exclusive over the past few years—and there’s nothing wrong with that. With ambitious Mars on an extended tour through Aquarius and Capricorn and your houses of boundaries and teams in 2018, you’re finally acknowledging that you rise and fall according to the company you keep. But have you become a tad too insular? Mars has been cruising in reverse since June 26, perhaps making you less inclined to reach out to ANYONE. You know you’re not a recluse, but lately people have begun to wonder. Luckily, this Monday, August 27, Mars corrects its course and blasts full speed ahead until September 10. Wriggle out of your cocoon and get ready to flap your social butterfly wings once again. Have a look around: Perhaps there are some worthy candidates to draw into your inner circle?

On the flip side, if one of your peeps has been misbehaving or abusing your trust, don’t be afraid to call them on the carpet. You’re not responsible for others people’s actions, but it is your job to hold them accountable. A word of warning: Warrior Mars can make you come off more intensely than you might intend. A great way to work off steam is to get physical! Hit that cardio class or try kickboxing, or just go for a hot and sweaty run. You’re going to be mighty busy for the next couple weeks, as everyone wants a piece of your time. Planning endless one-on-ones will exhaust you, so make sure your friends understand: It’s group hangs or nada.