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jueves, 9 de agosto de 2018

Monthly Horoscope: August, Tips And Predictions For A Month Full Of Surprises -


Lights, camera, Aries! This month is threaded with flamboyance and fun as the Sun burns a fiery trail through passionate Leo and your lusty, live-out-loud fifth house until August 23. This is one of your high-energy cycles (because Leo is a fellow fire sign) and a time when you're at your creative best. Think of the ripeness of late summer, when everything is bursting with riotous colors and life force energy. That's you right now. And if it isn't, throw on something vibrant and get out of the damn house, stat!

With the Sun in this romantic part of your chart, there will be plenty of admirers hankering for a taste, especially at the August 11 Leo solar (new moon) eclipse, which will activate this same feisty and fecund zone. Eclipses bring plot twists and unexpected events, and since this one accompanies a new moon of beginnings, it could open a fresh, bold chapter. This month's Leo eclipse could bring a new love interest, reawakened mojo or even a pregnancy. You might also get a sudden burst of fame or unexpected recognition for your talents.


There have been quantum changes in your life over the last couple months, Taurus—or at least, you have the sense that things are being rearranged on some grander scale. From uncomfortable to exciting to unsettling, this shift from potential to kinetic energy is part of a long process that's happening from May 15, 2018, until April 2026 as revolutionizer Uranus visits your sign for the first time since 1942. Uranus takes 84 years to return to each sign, and this once-in-a-lifetime visit is an opportunity to radically reinvent everything from your lifestyle to your appearance to your attitude.

Whew! If you need a minute to take it all in, you'll get it—and then some! On August 7, Uranus begins its annual five-month retrograde until January 7, 2019. You'll get a chance to slow down and review, especially when Uranus backs into Aries, activating your twelfth house of closure for its last hurrah this century. While you might be a little frustrated by some stalled progress, this could prove to be a blessing in disguise. It's an opportunity to confront any complex patterns and relationships and to heal addictions that are keeping you stuck.


Summer hits a high note for you this August, Gemini. After a hardworking July that possibly brought financial or career fluctuations, you're ready to relax and have some fun with your favorite people. The Sun is in Leo until August 23, heating up your third house of communication and community—which is the zodiac zone associated with Gemini. You're in your element as you explore cultural curiosities and hit local hotspots for hours of conversation with friends both old and new. With your mind hungry for stimulation, it's a great time to devour books and blogs or binge on a few new series before the fall TV lineup arrives.

Your own message could get out to the masses starting on August 11, when a rare Leo solar (new moon) eclipse ignites your expressive third house. If you're a writer, teacher or media maker, this galvanizing eclipse boosts your creativity, brings a vibrant meeting of the minds and sparks game-changing conversations. Between now and January, when the corresponding Leo lunar (full moon) eclipse hits, your ideas could go viral in unexpected ways. You may have an opportunity to pitch a pioneering project or see your name in lights (or print). This eclipse could also bring in a kindred spirit type, someone whose skills complement yours to a tee. The dynamic duo of your (#twinning) Gemini dreams might be in the making!


Get it done, Cancer! August's stars favor the practical and productive as the Sun moves through Leo and your methodical second house until August 23. You've just wrapped up birthday season—a supercharged one for many Crabs since it featured a July 12 solar eclipse in YOUR sign, the first one since 2011. After the lightning-bolt epiphanies this lunar event delivered, you may be awash in exciting new ideas and plans. A July 27 Aquarius total lunar (full moon) eclipse brought out some intense emotions and revealed some powerful players who could open doors or join forces with you for mutual gain.

Now, how will you fashion those insights into something real? This month helps you start to hash that out. Another solar eclipse arrives in Leo and this same security-seeking sector on August 11, giving you a big push forward on your path. Since this one is a new moon, it could bring a surprising job offer, a money-making idea or the motivation to make some lifestyle changes.

This is the second-to-last eclipse in a series that's been landing on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2017, shaking up your approach to money, power, career, habits and intimate relationships. Over the past two years, you may have completely altered your daily routine, moved into a new line of work or make some modifications in a few close relationship. This was all designed to help you step into a role that suits you. It hasn't been comfortable (eclipse energy rarely is), but you've learned so much about what you will and won't put up with. One final Leo eclipse on January 21, 2019 will wrap up this series, with the goal of leaving you in a stronger position financially and emotionally.


What a month you've got in store, Leo! August arrives on the heels of a July 27 total lunar eclipse in Aquarius, which rocked your relationship house and may have sent shockwaves through your closest ties. Now we're deep in Leo season with the Sun heating up your sign until August 23—this time punctuated by an August 11 solar (new moon) eclipse in Leo. Whatever got shaken and stirred in July should begin to make sense by mid-month as the solar eclipse pushes you onto your true path.

This is the second-to-last eclipse in a Leo/Aquarius series that began in February 2017, altering your personal identity AND your relationships. These eclipses reset—and in some cases, upset—the balance between "me" and "we." It's all for a greater purpose, however, meant to ensure that you don't lose yourself in a relationship or become so highly individualized that there's no room for anyone else in the equation. There will be one more round on January 21, 2019, when a total lunar (full moon) eclipse in Leo brings a dramatic finale to something you embark on today. What do YOU want, Leo? Set some clear intentions and let this six-month window between the eclipses put the puzzle together.


Feeling foggy? It's not you, Virgo—it's the stars. The Sun is drifting through Leo and your twelfth house of rest, closure and healing until August 23. While your subconscious is working overtime (hello, vivid dreams), your usually spot-on linear-thinking abilities aren't as sharp as usual. Then solution: Work WITH it instead of swimming upstream. This is your annual time to rejuvenate before Virgo season (and your birthday time!) starts later this month. Tie up loose ends, escape off the grid and move at a more languid pace whenever possible.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, the celestial guardian of communication, technology and travel, also happens to be retrograde in Leo and this same befuddling zone from July 26 to August 19, making it even harder to piece together a thought or complex sentence. But with a Leo solar (new moon) eclipse arriving on August 11, you COULD have a major intuitive hit or spiritual awakening—especially if you tame that overactive mind of yours.


Relax and enjoy, Libra. After a hardworking July, you've got planetary permission to get back to what you do best: mingling with your favorite friends (and their friends…and their friends). The Sun is in Leo until August 23, making its annual journey through your eleventh house of group activity, both online and in real time. From cutting-edge collaborations to vibrant social gatherings, your life is sweetened in the company of kindred spirits! Since this is also the zodiac's humanitarian zone, you might unite for a cause, as Leo season awakens your inner social justice warrior (not that it ever fell asleep). Organize a gathering or a virtual fundraiser that brings people together. The ideal "balance" for Libra is when you can celebrate AND change the world all at once.

If you're looking for the perfect date for an event, try August 11, when a rare Leo solar eclipse beams into this communal sector. It's the second to last in a series of game-changing eclipses that have been touching down on the Leo/Aquarius axis since February 2018, altering your friendships, love life and creative expression. There will be one more eclipse here in January 2019, so between now and then, take a clear-eyed inventory of the people surrounding you. Are they true-blue members of Team Libra, or are they only there for the good times? Make sure to stock your pond with people who have your back through every phase: when the chips are down AND when the stocks are up!


You're not here to make friends this month, Scorpio—not when you're on a mission like this. The Sun is making its annual climb through Leo and your ambitious tenth house until August 23, putting you in full #boss mode. While others scamper off on carefree holidays, your steely gaze is trained on a rather specific set of goals, if not one singular target.

Your tunnel vision may be interrupted though because Mercury—the planet of communication, technology and travel—will be retrograde in Leo and this career-driven zone of your chart. Professional plans could get waylaid or delayed since Mercury retrograde can bring red tape and unanticipated curveballs that distract you from your well-crafted agenda. A client could go MIA, or a decision maker might not get you the needed materials in time for you to meet a deadline.

Relax, Scorpio, and go with the flow as best you can, even if you want to scream. Believe it or not, there's a method to this madness. The crucial plot twist could be revealed around August 11, when a potent Leo solar (new moon) eclipse sweeps through your tenth house and brings an unexpected job offer, a leadership opportunity or a changing of the guard. The tenth house rules men and fathers, so an important guy in your life, possibly your dad, may play a role in this eclipse's surprising events.


Go big…or at least fan out a few of those peacock feathers. You're in your full Sagittarian splendor as the vibrant Sun makes its annual turn through Leo and your expansive ninth house until August 23. Travel, learning, entrepreneurship and starry-eyed possibilities—all of your favorite things—are the hotspots of this solar cycle, and you can explore them to your heart's content. After a more low-key July, you're ready to burst back onto the scene and share your grand vision.

But before you press "send" on that mass email announcement or invite everyone to a screening of your documentary-in-progress, sit tight. With communication planet Mercury retrograde in Leo from July 26 to August 19, you're in the middle of three signal-scrambling weeks that can mess with technology, travel and interpersonal matters. You might think you have a winning idea only to wildly miss the mark when you pitch it. Dream big but if possible, wait until after August 19 to start spreading the news.


Stay centered, Capricorn. Your energy could come in waves this month, spiking to a high-pitched intensity one day and dropping into the depths the next. The Sun is taking its annual plunge in Leo and your eighth house of intimacy, merging and transformation, a time when you'll crave more privacy and one-on-one encounters. Skip the huge crowds that make you feel overwhelmed. You're an emotional sponge and could soak up everyone's feelings; or you might just have your mind on one specific matter during this tunnel-vision transit, and it will be hard to engage in lighthearted small talk. With the Sun heating up your erotic eighth house, this could also be one steamy season—hello, sizzling summer escapades!

But be careful where you aim that concentrated Capricorn power, especially when the emotional thunderclouds gather. Communication planet Mercury is retrograde in Leo and this potent zone from July 26 to August 19, which notoriously mucks up communication, technology and travel plans. With Mercury awry in Leo, a problematic ex may resurface, along with some old trust issues or unhealed wounds from a past betrayal. You might be unsure of someone's true motives and whether they're being above-board with you.


Summer has been a wild ride for many Water Bearers! Not only has energy planet Mars been retrograde in your sign since June 26, but you enter August in the torrid tailwind of the July 27 Aquarius total lunar (full moon) eclipse. On the one hand, the Mars slowdown prompts you to conserve your energy and do your work behind the scenes; to take a little escape from the go-go-go pace. But the eclipse may have pushed you out into the spotlight or given you the urge to take one of your passion projects public. As the new month starts, you may feel wired AND tired.

Even so, it's been a fruitful time. Maybe you just had an epiphany or three about your identity or gotten a burst of clarity around what YOU want now. Have your goals changed, or are you finally feeling ready to pursue them with hard-core commitment? You're not the same person you were a couple years ago, Aquarius, and there's a reason for that. Since February 2017, a series of changemaking eclipses has been activating the Leo/Aquarius axis, bringing sweeping transformation to your personal mission, your sense of self and your closest relationships. You may have radically altered your appearance, lifestyle, friendships or approach to life—and as a result, the people around you have been either forced to adapt or drifted away, making space for new, more compatible alliances. Balancing "me" and "we" has been a huge theme this year, compounded by the fact that 2018 is an 11/2 “Universal Year” in numerology, a cycle that's all about creating partnerships in which you don't lose yourself.


Cleanup in Aisle Pisces! The August starscape is about pulling your act together and corralling all the scattered bits-n-bobs of your life. With the Sun in Leo and your organized, health-conscious sixth house until August 23, you might finally get the motivation to make concrete personal improvements. From joining a gym to hiring help to booking appointments, the only way through it is to do it.

But keep your plans simple, because you WILL be swimming upstream a bit. Throughout August, you'll feel the counterforces of six retrograde planets: mindful Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune (your ruler), Uranus and Pluto. Because of their sluggish energy, you're not getting those vitality refills that you could really use right now.

The chief culprit is action planet Mars, which has been retrograde in Aquarius and your sleepy, subconscious twelfth house since June 26. You may be handling a lot of old emotional baggage or struggling with burnout. On the upside, it's been a rich time for spiritual epiphanies, creativity and forgiveness work since the imaginative twelfth house is the dreamy domain ruled by your sign. One Pisces friend reported "losing track of linear time" all summer yet having some wild dreams and even psychic visions. But productivity hasn't exactly been at its highest as Mars here pulled your sign into old addictive patterns, including the urge for escapism.