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Daily Horoscope, Wednesday, August 29, Tips and Predictions for Today


Don’t let a twinge of self-doubt slow your roll at work today, Ram. With powerful Pluto in your career corner, you’re ready for big changes. But because it’s retrograde—and forming an uneasy square with the moon in your sign—it could jangle your nerves. Focus on everything you know you’ve got in the bag and what you’ve accomplished so far. There’s plenty more where that came from. Hit the mental reset button and get back to business!


Under a confrontational square between controlling Pluto and the emo moon in your subconscious realm, it may be hard to get the real story on a certain situation. But pay close attention to how people act when you ask direct questions. If they have nothing to hide, that should be instantly clear to you today. It’s the ones who hem and haw and can’t you give you a straight answer in response that you’ll want to keep a close eye on!

Keep a close watch on that loose cannon on Team Gemini today. Someone may be talking a good game while secretly trying to advance a personal agenda. With a squirrely moon-Pluto square, you might not be able to catch them in the act. But you can keep tabs on important activity AND make it clear that you’re not going to allow any funny business. While you’re sending out messages, remind the entire squad of what the ground rules are and what won’t be tolerated.


There could be some big waves on the Cancer emotion ocean today as your ruler, the sensitive moon, skirmishes with controlling Pluto in your relationship realm. Someone might be acting up—or acting out—and it’s spilling over into your field. This could be a person close to you or who’s jealous of your connection. Yes, that sounds like high school all over again, and no, you don’t have to throw them in detention. Give them one day (till the transit passes) to come correct before you say anything.


You may not be able to stuff down your feelings or outlier opinions any longer, Leo—and why should you? You’re entitled to your point of view, even if you’re in the minority. Sometimes that’s exactly the position that needs to be expressed and defended! Under today’s irrepressible moon-Pluto square, give voice to these thoughts. Since you might be feeling agitated, think through what you plan to say so it comes out polished rather than explosive, and be sure to listen considerately to others’ reaction.

Watch out for emotions that are too intense to bottle up under today’s volcanic moon-Pluto square in the most dramatic sectors of your chart. This can pique your nervous system and make it hard to just “sit” with the situation at hand. Distract yourself with an immersive work project or home-cleaning mission. If you need to have an uncomfortable conversation with someone, don’t mentally rehearse it out ad nauseum; just say your piece and be done with it. Chances are, the anticipation is the worst part!


Despite your love of harmony and fair play, you might lock horns with some of your nearest and dearest under today’s edgy square between the feisty Aries moon and controlling Pluto in your relationship houses. It’s also possible that you might get caught in the middle of others’ crossfire. Watch where you walk, because someone could be trying to manipulate you into taking sides. At least for today, retreat to a neutral corner and let them duke it out without involving you.


TMI alert! You’re the master of secrecy, Scorpio, but today’s twitchy square between the impulsive Aries moon and your co-ruler, agitator Pluto, in your chatty third house could loosen your lips and, in the process, sink major ships! You might also have agreed to take on more work than any mortal is capable of. Don’t even try to pull this off! Turn to your squad and divvy it up or, if they’re at max capacity, find the discretionary funds to outsource this. Your sanity is worth it!

You wouldn’t take a dime that didn’t belong to you, Sag—so why would you shortchange yourself? You may not think of it that way, but if you’re working your butt off and not being fairly compensated, then you’re cheating yourself! Under today’s galvanizing alignment of the bold Aries moon and game-changing Pluto in your second house of money, work and values, take a step to correct the inequity. Talk about a raise or promotion with your boss; increase your base rate if you’re self-employed. Bottom line: No more discounts!


You might be on the receiving end of someone’s misdirected wrath today, so don a virtual hard hat and carry on! You don’t have time for other people’s petty squabbles, and you sure as heck aren’t going to stoop to their level. This may be harder to pull off than you think, however, thanks to an agitating square between the defensive Aries moon and manipulative Pluto in your sign. Someone’s hot-headed diatribe could trigger pent-up feelings in YOU. Rein it in, Capricorn. You’re better than that!
Don’t let competing demands on your time send you on a guilt trip! There are only so many hours in a day—and you’re just one person! Today’s skirmish between social-butterfly Mercury in your relationship zone and sprawling Jupiter in your career corner could distract you and undermine your best efforts. Let everyone know that you’re doing the best you can to strike an equitable balance, but at the same time, evaluate whether you need to reset the scales.


Squad squabbles could arise, threatening to derail an important team project under today’s edgy square between the feisty Aries moon and controlling Pluto in your collaborative zone. You might have to put out some wildfires at work, Pisces, so wear your flame-proof vest. If you can’t talk reason to the warring tribes, try a more forceful tact, letting people know there will be consequences for subpar work and missed deadlines. And if all else fails, turn this one over to HR.