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jueves, 23 de agosto de 2018

Daily Horoscope, Thursday, August 23, Tips And Predictions For All Signs


In the mood for a health reboot, Aries? For the next month, the Sun will be your wellness cheerleader as it cruises through Virgo and your sixth house of health. From now until September 22, you have the cosmic greenlight to seek out self-care. What will improve your quality of life? Maybe it’s time to head back to the gym, join a meditation circle or add some healthier meals to your home cooking repertoire. Trade that craft beer for some craft kombucha—and don’t forget the importance of mental health. If you’ve been ruminating on the same old subject, consider hiring a therapist or finding a spiritual practice that soothes your soul.

Speak your mind, Bull! You’ll attract more than a few admirers with your candid charisma as the Sun shines in Virgo and your fifth house of drama and romance from now until September 22. Your life will fill with amorous adventure over the next month. If you’re single, fire up those dating apps! Already coupled? You and bae could gear up to take the next big step together. But your dating life isn’t the only thing to get a boost from this charmed transit. Your career will also get a kiss from the cosmos. Get out there and network! Power players in your field could sit up and take notice of your stellar work. If you’ve got a big project in development, you could make some serious progress by September 22!


Summer soiree at your place, Gem! Today, the Sun hunkers down in Virgo and your fourth house of domesticity. Your nesting AND your hosting instincts will be on point between now and September 22. If there’s a home makeover you’ve been working on, finish things up over the coming weeks, then send out a few invites to your closest friends and family. Already living a décor blogger’s dream? Chez Gemini will be a magical place during this transit, so keep that open-door policy in place with the people you adore. If you’ve been considering a change of address, the next four weeks are an ideal time to shop around. Set up the Redfin alerts and find your dream pad.

Shout your message from the rooftops, Cancer! The world will be listening as the Sun enters Virgo and supercharges your third house of communication until September 22. Under this expressive transit, your innovative ideas will get serious support from people in your network. Make that big pitch at work, reach out to new clients with brilliant proposals, or finally update your website. RSVP “yes” to any networking events and mix and mingle with confidence. People will be eager to talk to you and you’ll have no trouble expressing yourself. If you’ve got a little extra change in your bank account, why not spruce up your fall wardrobe? A new look could be just the thing to take your hustle to the next level! Is that ethically produced, vegan leather bag is calling your name?


Tighten those purse strings, Leo. You’ve probably had a fabulous (and fabulously expensive) birthday season. Now it’s time to dial back the celebratory spending as the Sun leaves your sign and moves on to Virgo until September 22. You love a little luxury, Lion, but your bank account can’t sustain 24/7 baller mode. From now until September 22, the Sun hunkers down in your second house of money management. You may have to say goodbye to dinners out every night and hello to cost-effective, home cooked meals for a while. But on the plus side, lucrative work opportunities will flow your way for the next four weeks. Polish up your professional profiles and materials so you can greet them enthusiastically!


Virgo season is on! From now until September 22, the Sun throws a fiesta in your sign, bringing opportunities to transform just about any area of life you wish. But true change doesn’t just magically happen, as you know; you have to work for it. Over the next four weeks, leap on any enticing growth opportunities or invest in training that will help you leap into a new league. Already have some milestones to brag about? An epic birthday party could be the perfect occasion to celebrate the “new you.” If you’re feeling a bit drained by all the summer’s intense transits, devote the next four weeks to personal restoration. After pruning some toxic people from your newsfeed, book a few wellness treatments like a deep tissue massage or a day at the float spa.


Party at Casa de Libra! You’ll have trouble leaving the cozy confines of your home today as the moon hunkers down in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house. Linger over your morning tea and enjoy the creature comforts of your humble abode. If you work from home, don your favorite pajamas and make your bed your office. If you MUST go into work, bring some domestic touches along, like a homemade lunch or your Kyoto-slow drip coffee maker. Under the feminine influence of the fourth house, an influential woman could be the star player of your day. Invite her over to your nest or for a cup of java in your office. Casual conversation could spark some lucrative and collaborative plans!


Who are the rockstars in your supergroup? Today, the Sun beams into your eleventh house of collaboration until September 22. Over the next month, working with a dream team could help you take a important project to the next level. But you’ll need to be your discerning Scorpio self during tryouts. With your precise standards, not everyone can (or should) make the cut! Technology also gets a supercharged boost under this transit. If you’re in search of work, brushing up your digital skills could put you in line for more lucrative opportunities. Maybe it’s time to refresh your website and social media profiles to attract new clients and offers. Le geek c’est chic!


Party or professional opportunity? The lines between the two may blur over the next month as the glowing Sun moves into Virgo and lights up your tenth house of ambition. Keep business cards handy whenever you go out, as even the most casual social outings could bring an unexpected career boost. A friend-of-a-friend at happy hour could connect you with a power-player in your field; or maybe dinner party will lead to a new client for your business. Even a fun-filled festival weekend could lead to surprising connections. Whatever the case, be prepared for spontaneous hustling—and the planned kind too! Make it your mission to hit some ambitions benchmarks for your career by September 22, even if that means burning some midnight oil.


New horizons are calling your name as the Sun checks in to Virgo and powers up your worldly ninth house until September 22. With your unstoppable drive, you can get a case of tunnel-vision at times. But what would happen if you stepped out of that box and took a few risks? Over the coming four weeks, seek inspiration outside of your immediate surroundings. If you’ve got the time and money, you might even decamp to a brand new city to recharge your batteries and plot your next big move? Even while close to home, you can still expand by collaborating with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. You might even sate your intellectual curiosity by enrolling in fall semester classes…or even a memoir-writing group.


Ooh la la! For the next month, you’ll be a veritable sensuality tsunami as the Sun slips into Virgo and your eighth house of seduction. Since you’ll be playing for keeps, make sure that there’s plenty of trust to accompany the lust. Single? Do some investigative Googling before those Bumble dates. You might spy some red flags that scream, “Cancel!” or else find even more reason to be excited about the live meetup. Coupled? Spice things up in the bedroom and get ready—your relationship could deepen in more permanent ways between now and September 22. One caveat: Don’t let all that passion take a jealous turn. Rather than blurt out irrational, paranoid thoughts to bae, call a friend who can talk you back to reality.

Time to crowd surf, Pisces, as the moon keeps rolling through your communal eleventh house. Say yes to any tantalizing invites or be the one to organize a group hangout after work. Keep an open mind in any social settings and be on the lookout for people who share some of your latest interests. If a newbie wants to join your squad for the evening, welcome them into the fold. Who knows? This person could become a permanent fixture in your crew. It’s also possible that you could make a valuable professional connection while you’re out mingling. But focus on establishing a personal connection instead of forcing a pitch into your cocktail convo. There will be plenty of time for business later!