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Daily Horoscope, Saturday, August 25, Tips And Predictions For Today


Ready, set, succeed! On Saturday, a rare and powerful grand earth trine forms between the daring Sun, synergistic Saturn and imaginative Uranus. This transit fires up the administrative and money sectors of your chart and clears the path for a financial windfall. Put a little weekend work into your most promising ventures and nudge them closer to the finish line. Meanwhile, shelve any passionless projects and focus on what truly revs your ambitious engine. As you move the needle with your efforts, you could finally be rewarded for the work you love. Already living your dream? This is your cue to draw up a savvier budget or perhaps hire a money manager who can help grow your portfolio. On Sunday, a full moon in Pisces supercharges your twelfth house of intuition and instincts. While this can bring divine creative downloads, there is also some detoxing to do. Maybe it’s time to kick a bad habit—and get the solid support for that effort, since transformations can be hard to tackle alone. If someone has been soaking up your generosity without offering anything in return, gently remind them that friendship is a two-way street. Want to give back? A cause that speaks to your heart could appear on your radar this weekend. Explore ways to get involved this fall.


It’s transformation time, Taurus! On Saturday, a rare and invigorating grand earth trine forms between steady Saturn in your business-savvy ninth house, the courageous Sun in your expressive fifth house, and revolutionary Uranus in your sign. If you’ve been in a spiritual or creative cocoon recently, break out and show the world your beautiful metamorphosis. Maybe you’ve been working through some past blocks or developed a collection of works that need to be put on display. Whatever the case may be, the time has come to share your revelations, unleash ambitious plans, or treat the sidewalk like your personal runway. On Sunday, a Pisces full moon beams into your eleventh house of friendship. Show some love to the squad, especially if they’ve supported you through your recent personal developments. Treat them to a home cooked meal or get everyone organized for a Labor Day jaunt to the beach. This transit also blesses all things tech-related. Over the coming two weeks, invest in that laptop or regale the world with your posts, YouTube videos or a digital venture you’ve been developing.


Say goodbye to that grudge—it’s only hurting you to hold on to it. You’ll have the stars as your cosmic mediator on Saturday, when a rare grand earth trine forms between the groundbreaking Sun, stable Saturn and transformative Uranus in the most sensitive parts of your chart. Reach out to loved ones and resolve any misunderstandings. Avoid a victim mentality and examine your own role in this dynamic. Are there things you need to take accountability for as well? If you own your issues, it could help the other party accept responsibility for their actions. Instead of focusing on your differences, identify common ground and build from there. Healing is possible if you both approach this dialogue with an open mind. On Sunday, a Pisces full moon supercharges your tenth house of career and social status. If you’ve been pouring your heart into a project in recent months, you could experience a major breakthrough. Even if you still have more work to do, take a moment to celebrate this milestone. Appreciating each step along the journey will give you increased motivation to reach that finish line. Victory is in sight—whether you’re up for a promotion, transitioning to your dream job, or launching a small business. Go for it, Gem!


Speak your truth, Cancer! Although your sensitive sign doesn’t like making waves, a passionate debate can lead to real results this weekend. On Saturday, as a rare and beneficial grand earth trine forms between the bold Sun, loyal Saturn and visionary Uranus, be outspoken about your beliefs—even if you’re unsure that people will “get it.” If you express your vision clearly, you could wind up with more than a few converts on your side. Here’s a “heal the world” bonus: You can use this trailblazing influence to get people involved with an important philanthropic cause. Maybe it’s time to organize a benefit dinner for a local charity or get a voter drive going for the November 6 midterm elections. Don’t underestimate the power of a grassroots effort to make a worldwide impact. On Sunday, the year’s only Pisces full moon shines in your ninth house of exploration and expansion. Take the day for some soulful introspection—and maybe a spiritual pilgrimage. Rally an equally philosophical friend for a day (with journals) at the beach or a meander through an independent bookstore. Mind-expanding conversations could crop up with virtual strangers while you’re perusing the stacks. All this self-examination could give you ideas for further spiritual exploration. Maybe it’s time to book a longer getaway, like a backpacking tour of an ancient mystical site or a revitalizing yoga retreat.


Time to make those money moves, Leo. On Saturday, a rare and auspicious grand earth trine between the bold Sun, stalwart Saturn and imaginative Uranus, supercharges your financial houses. Instead of waiting for a windfall, be proactive! Send out pitches—and raise your rates if you’ve been at the same price point for too long. If you’re worried about losing a few price-shoppers, fret not; they will soon be replaced by better-paying clients. Leos working 9-5 should rehearse a speech to deliver on Monday, outlining the benefits you’ve provided to the company. Even if it’s not time to ask for that raise or promotion, this conversation could set you up for a future windfall. Be sure to ask for feedback on ways you can improve: Bosses will see that as a sign of strength. On Sunday, intimate relationships will take center stage as a Pisces full moon shines in your eighth house of sex, rebirth and merging. New connections could deepen quickly and give you a burst of life-giving energy. Old friendships will also come into focus under this transit. If certain bonds feel stale, brainstorm ways to revitalize the dynamic and create a fresh spark. All relationships take work, so make sure you’re not giving up on your steady supporters. Business partnerships will also get a lunar lift. If you feel ready to sign on the dotted line, lawyer up and get a contract drafted!


People are listening, Virgo, so…what do you want to say? On Saturday, a rare and auspicious grand earth trine forms between the bold Virgo Sun, prestigious Saturn and revolutionary Uranus. Speak up! Your message could touch many and even reverberate around the Twittersphere. Although you can’t please everyone, who would you consider to your ideal audience? Tailor your words so that it feels like you’re speaking just to those people. Romantically, it’s anyone’s guess who will turn your head on Saturday. Allow yourself to be surprised as you diversify your social and relationship portfolio. You CAN have more than one type, you know, Virgo. Don’t let stubbornness stand in the way of a brilliant connection. On Sunday, the year’s only Pisces full moon cozies up to your seventh house of committed partnerships. Over the next two weeks, la luna could shine some lucky moonbeams on a business or romantic alliance. Don’t shy away from bigger talks about the future, especially if you’ve been craving clarity about the direction of your partnership. Get ready for good news, and make sure all your ducks are in order so you can build on this positive momentum. Single Virgos could meet an attractive “opposite” who could be your perfect complement for a project…or life!


On Saturday, the Sun lights your twelfth house of closure and forms a rare grand earth trine to serendipitous Saturn and revolutionary Uranus. If there’s a situation in your life causing ongoing pain, you could finally gain the insight needed to resolve this problem. But this healing won’t just magically happen. You’re going to have to have those tough conversations, whether you’re saying goodbye or “I’m so sorry” or “this has hurt me.” This transit can also help you zoom through unfinished missions that are sitting on your plate. Remember: Everything feels more doable when you break it down into smaller steps. Check out project management software like Trello or Monday that can help you wrangle that beast into something that feels easy (or easier) to achieve! On Sunday, the full moon in Pisces invigorates your sixth house of health, organization and service and brings yet another prompt to get your life in order. Blast some Cardi B bangers and grab the eco-friendly cleaning sprays. Make sure this tidying up includes a deep decluttering. Some of those collector’s items you’ve amassed might be better served as part of someone else’s trove. Post them for sale and use the money for a fancier gym membership or a fall yoga retreat.

A serendipitous Saturday is coming your way, as a rare and fortuitous grand earth trine forms between the bold Sun, loyal Saturn in your communication zone and spontaneous Uranus in your relationship house. A synergistic alliance—for love, business or creative merging—could really heat up this weekend. This is the only grand trine of 2018, so take advantage of this powerful, collaborative influence. Blood, sweat and teamwork could lead to some serious (and magical) breakthroughs for all. On Sunday, a Pisces full moon supercharges your fifth house of fame, romance and pleasure. Ready to stage your big reveal? This is one of the year’s best days for showcasing your work. People will be inspired by your sparkling energy and enthusiasm for your craft. As long as you have their attention, you might as well talk shop. A chat about synergies (over an ice-cold glass of frosé) could turn into a red hot business opportunity. Single Scorpios should also take advantage of this scintillating influence. Swipe liberally and see who responds—and while you’re at it, flirt like mad while you’re out mingling. Coupled Scorpios could find themselves in dreamy “what if” conversations about everything from making babies to starting a cover band.

Enough with the detours and delays! You’ll hit a string of green lights this Saturday as the Sun forms a rare and auspicious grand earth trine with metamorphic Uranus and stable Saturn. As obstacles disappear, breakthroughs will emerge in unexpected places. Be flexible—but not whimsical. In order to capitalize on this current of good fortune, you’ll also need a sensible action plan. Consult the experts for advice and curb the urge to splurge. You may need to stretch out those resources while you’re building this dream—or invest them in something that brings a great return. That said, you deserve at least ONE celebratory round with anyone who has helped you earn this victory. On Sunday, the Pisces full moon hunkers down in your domestic fourth house. If your Archer’s abode is in need of a little clean up, whip out those eco-friendly cleaning products, and scrub every surface until it shines. Make sure to fling open those closets and purge any pieces that you haven’t worn in years—and probably never will. A trip to the consignment shop could turn into a Sunday payday. If you’re in the market for a move, scan the Zillow listings. You could find your dream abode within two weeks of this lunation.

You don’t actually need a fairy wand or a pair of ruby slippers to make magic this weekend. Thanks to Saturday’s rare and magnanimous grand earth trine, you’ll be in prime manifesting mode. This lucky triangle, which involves your ruler, illustrious Saturn, along with innovative Uranus and the Sun could act as your planetary publicist and champion. Tap into this energy to attract the attention you desire. If you’re going for widespread recognition, tech-savvy Uranus can help you Tweet your way to glory. Only need to impress a few elite souls? Boldly let them know of your latest accomplishments. On a personal level, this expansive energy could bring the nudge you need to make a major life move, like booking a game-changing vacation, applying to grad school or even putting your house on sale. Whatever you feel is next, Capricorn, this is THE weekend to take a positive and proactive step in that direction. And you’ll have plenty of support for that mission on Sunday, when the full moon in Pisces beams into your third house of cooperation and communication. If you’ve been stuck in a “tomato/tomahhhto” dynamic all summer, declare a truce and just agree to disagree—and then, bring back the love. Still on the prowl for the perfect “other half” for a project? Kindred spirits could pop up everywhere from a friend’s social media feed to the local brunch spot. Stay open!

A powerful desire for a current or potential romantic partner might come over you today, Aquarius. This person could live far away or be on a trip, so you might have to be satisfied with a phone call or email instead of the meeting you'd prefer. Don't get frustrated. Distract yourself with an exciting novel or movie and look forward to when you can get together..

Confused about a big decision? Don't be! All you have to do is sort out the pros and cons, and the answer will be clear. Of course, deciding what exactly a 'pro' is and what a 'con' is can be tricky. Think about it like this: If something is going to help you grow or improve, it's a pro. If something is going to offer nothing but short-term reward, it's a con. Your next steps in life should be focused on long-term gain. It's sort of like the difference between junk food and organic produce.