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lunes, 13 de agosto de 2018

Daily Horoscope : Horoscope For Today Monday the 13th, tips and predictions


You say you want a (wellness) revolution? Today’s energizing mashup of the moon in your health zone and motivator Mars helps you plot a fitness overhaul. Swap tired routines for new workouts, and if you’re going into autopilot mode at the gym, get out in nature. Try an invigorating jog through a local park instead of hitting that same tedious treadmill you’ve been on all year. Or maybe an intramural dodgeball team is calling your name? Whatever you do, shake it up! Bring this same fresh approach to your eating habits: Stock up on fresh veggies from the farmers market and make time in your week to prepare a couple healthy, homemade meals. Just make sure you don’t get TOO rigid with your changes or you’ll never stick with them. Easy does it!


The travel bug is nipping at your heels and it won’t be ignored! Under today’s restless Mars-moon merger your jett-setting yen is cranked up to maximum, so start plotting an escape route. If you’ve got vacation time racked up, book an impromptu day trip for this week or start researching fares for a dream destination. If a haute holiday isn’t in the cards, scout some local, post-work shenanigans in a new and novel setting. Maybe you can’t travel to Rome, Taurus—but you CAN hit up that new vinoteca and pair a crisp prosecco with handmade Italian pastries. Buon appetito!


Kick your feet up, Gem—and kick off those uncomfortable shoes. You’re in danger of entering burnout territory, so pause for a self-care recharge. With the moon giving you a nurturing, domestic boost—and pinging Mars in your privacy-seeking eighth house—you’ll be happiest holed up at home or at your favorite quiet coffee shop. If you can’t finagle that, slip off for an express massage on your lunchbreak or listen to a guided meditation. This sultry moon-Mars merger will also heat up your intimacy zone, so make plans with your amour du jour or book some bonding with a friend who doesn’t require you to be “on.” Mani-pedis or a movie, maybe? Later tonight, you could connect with a trusted female relative. What starts as a casual catch up could lead to a major revelation.


Call in those favors, Cancer! It’s all about the personal connections in your rolodex today thanks to a synergistic meetup between spirited Mars and your ruler, the moon. Your friends could come through with some serious, career-changing hookups and introductions. But don’t just sit there waiting for your dreams to magically manifest. The only way to get what you want is to ASK for it! If you want the world to open doors for you, you’ll need to be direct and assertive with your requests. Have you been leaning a little TOO hard on one particular person recently? If you’ve been soaking up a friend’s generosity, balance the give-and-take in your relationship today. A little “thank you” goes a long way—and a gesture of appreciation (flowers, dinner, a handwritten card) goes even further.


Keep a watchful eye on your funds today, Leo. Small (but super important) financial details could slip through the cracks thanks to distracting merger of the moon in your money corner and tunnel-vision Mars. Have you been focusing too much on the big picture, but forgetting to take care of the nitty-gritty details? Those little things could add up to a big expense or even a costly mistake, so make sure you triple-check all your work and balance that budget. Cutting out a few minor expenses, like unused subscriptions or delivery charges, could lead to major savings.


What’s on your professional vision board? Draft your plan for world domination, as a whip-smart Virgo moon joins forces with driven Mars in your passionate fifth house. Don’t censor your big-picture brainstorms or creative outpourings. You can always tone down any overly radical ideas tomorrow. Today is about heaping kerosene on that inner fire and setting your boldness ablaze. You love to help others, but sometimes you need to help yourself first. When you’re winning, so is everyone else around you!


Are there cracks in your emotional foundation? Patching those up could mean cutting some problematic people out of your life—no easy feat for your sensitive sign. Today’s tender moon in your healing twelfth house will give you the courage to clip those codependent cords, thanks to its supportive merger with decisive Mars. But before you go on an un-friending spree, look inward: Are you partially to blame for certain enabling or imbalanced dynamics? Take responsibility for your side of things and begin the necessary process of repairing unhealthy ties. You don’t have to eject anyone from your circle—but you DO need to uphold boundaries and insist on a basic level of respect.


A little charm will catalyze your cause today, Scorpio, so if you’ve got to call in a favor, employ that signature charisma. But dropping hints won’t do the trick! With the moon and straightforward Mars synced up, this is no time for subtlety. Come right out and ask for what you need—and don’t feel an ounce of guilt about it. You’ve been routinely generous with your inner circle and it’s likely that they owe you one (not that you’re keeping score…or are you?). Flash that winning Scorpio smile, sweeten the deal by treating them to lunch, and you’ll get what you need in no time!


You’re a powerhouse, Sag, so start acting like one! Under today’s motivating mashup of the moon in your success sphere and driven Mars in your money house, a few well-timed moves could send you skyrocketing to victory. Unleash your inner mogul by attending industry events or presenting a well-crafted pitch to the decision-makers. You’ve got the confidence, smarts and talent to be a superstar, but you’ll never get anywhere if you sit on the sidelines. Jump into the game and impress everyone with your considerable skills and of course, a detailed master plan!


Far-off fantasy or achievable reality? Your big-picture goals may be closer than you think today, as the visionary moon beams into your adventurous ninth house and merges with bold Mars in your sign. Sure, this mission could be ambitious, but as the saying goes, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take. So step out of that cautious Capricorn comfort zone and try something uncomfortably gutsy! We’re not suggesting that you should leap without a parachute. Break up your grand scheme into smaller project phases and manageable mini-tasks. Once you’ve got your “to-do’s” lined up on a list, begin the oh-so-satisfying process of crossing them off. But don’t get so hung up on the process that you miss a chance to self-promote!

There’s power in partnerships, Aquarius, whether you’re forming an alliance in business or romance. But if you really want this union to soar, start by getting everyone on the same page. Be upfront and honest with any potential cohorts today, as driven Mars syncs up with the moon in your eighth house of joint ventures. What are your key concerns and desired outcomes—and what are theirs? Get clear about what everyone will bring to the equation and what’s expected. Your indie-spirited sign loves flying solo, but sometimes it helps to have an extra set of wings powering your journey. A business partner can expand your bandwidth and network, while a romantic one can open your heart. Either way, it’s a pretty good deal!


Is a group endeavor causing nothing but aggravation? Don’t let people’s negative attitudes drag you (or this project) down. Instead, take the reins and push your team out of this rut. Apply tough love if necessary today, as the moon in your partnership zone merges with assertive Mars in your collaboration corner. You don’t want to be blamed if this whole thing goes down in flames—and it won’t, as long as you put an end to this brewing mutiny. Engage in an honest and respectful dialogue with your colleagues. If they’ve got valid concerns be sure to hear them out. Once the air is clear, plow forward. You’ve got no time to waste!