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viernes, 24 de agosto de 2018

Daily Horoscope, Friday, August 24, Tips And Predictions For Today


Split that check, Aries! Be vigilant when it comes to group expenses under today’s money conscious moon-Jupiter square. If you’re booking a group vacation for the squad, make sure everyone has paid for their share of the Airbnb before you take that trip. Don’t be shy about sending those Venmo requests! The same thing goes for any group dinner or drinks scenario. You don’t want to be stuck with the bill, especially if you’re in a tight financial spot. Grab that check and do the math. If your friends splurged on craft cocktails while you stuck to Diet Coke, you don’t have to pick up her tab.


Don’t risk it, Taurus! You’ll need to exercise caution when it comes to any major life decisions today, as an agitated moon-Jupiter square muddies your judgment. It could be easy to get carried away with big, beautiful dreams, but don’t forget the pragmatic realities. Sure, you’d love to impulsively book that last-minute trip to London, but have you really thought through all the details? The fine print is your friend today! Triple check any contracts before signing, avoid launching any business ventures (if you can), and hold off on knocking down that wall in your bathroom. These are big decisions and there’s no need to rush things. Sleep on it, Bull!

Don’t get carried away, Gem. You could find yourself fantasizing today, as a tricky moon-Jupiter square revs your impulsive tendencies. But before you go chasing after a long shot, stop and consider your reality. Have you bit off more than you can chew? It’s great that you’re so ambitious, especially when it comes to mapping out the larger vision for your career. But make sure your plan includes actionable steps instead of far-off impossibilities. If you find yourself getting stumped, recharge your batteries with a little self-care. Slip out of work for a meditative matcha latte break or a quickie massage. You’ll return refreshed and ready to go! Just keep your phone nearby, as you could get an important communication from an influential person before the day is through.

Helping yourself before helping others is not your sign’s usual M.O., but today’s moon-Jupiter square sounds the self-care alarm bells. Your friends will understand if you need to bow out from that Friday night rager so that you can recharge. No guilt if you’d rather go relax at home instead of pushing yourself to join the squad for margaritas. Cozy up on your couch with your Kindle app and a long-stemmed glass. (Finally—a chance to read Parker Posey’s memoir or get misty-eyed watching a memorial marathon of Anthony Bourdain’s best episodes.) Try to stall on making any commitments to people for a couple days, even if they are applying pressure. You’ll be in a better headspace to decide after you’ve had your rest.

Be confident in your vision, Leo, and don’t let yourself be swayed. Under today’s moon-Jupiter square, input from the so-called peanut gallery could throw you into a tailspin. In fact, it might be wise to disregard all outside perspectives until you’ve allowed yourself full creative license. If you hit a wall during the process, don’t start crowdsourcing “emotional support.” You’ll just wind up with the kind of advice you don’t need to hear. Instead, go for a walk to clear your head or shift to a mundane task temporarily. Little breaks can reboot your imagination when the muse takes a snooze.

Feeling mischievous, Virgo? Today’s moon-Jupiter square will draw out your naughty side, for better or for worse. Fun and pleasure are your top priorities under this transit, but you could also go overboard with the hedonistic impulses. Since you probably don’t want to wake up with a killer hangover, a zeroed-out bank account, or a one-night stand that you seriously regret, make your motto, “everything in moderation.” Tonight, channel this experimental energy into cultural activities. Pick up tickets to an avant-garde immersive theater experience or reserve a table at a vintage lounge specializing in absinthe cocktails. And if you happen to pop into a high-end erotic shop along the way, good on you!


Buyer beware: You could be tempted to unleash the spending beast today, as an impulsive moon-Jupiter square awakens your urge to splurge. The reckless vibes could also slip into your love life so avoid any rash romantic decisions. Rather than blowing up bae’s phone with a string of demanding texts, take a deep breath and focus on your own well-being. How can you be kind to Libra today? Focus on self-love and do what it takes to restore balance to your life. An hour on the yoga mat or a walk through the park while listening to a great playlist could have you back to center in no time. Then, you can decide whether or not to join friends for that concert tonight—and whether to spring for one ticket or two!

Are you locked in a difficult dynamic, Scorpio? Under today’s churning moon-Jupiter square, take stock of your relationships. If you’re experiencing a disconnect with a certain someone, you may need to have a sit-down. If they disappointed you, try to be objective. Did you REALLY articulate your needs or have you been expecting them to read your mind? A positive resolution may be closer than you think—but you’ll have to extend the benefit of the doubt and probably explain yourself for, like, the fifth time. This time, have them repeat your words back to you to make sure they heard…and understood!

Call for backup, Sagittarius! If you’re slammed at work, it’s wise to ask for help before getting buried under an avalanche of unfinished tasks. Better still? Today, collaborating with the right people could uplevel your projects in unexpected ways. Elsewhere, don’t throw in the towel if certain people seem to be struggling to keep up with you. Instead of giving up, deliver a tutorial of your super-efficient ways. And here’s another bonus: Delegating tasks also lightens your load. If you finish early, you can celebrate the team victory over margaritas or a karaoke challenge!

This is the final stretch, Capricorn, and you may be close to achieving a major goal. But today’s tricky moon-Jupiter mashup warns against sprinting to the finish line. What’s the rush? You’ve taken your time to get this point, so don’t mess things up by hurrying unnecessarily. This is a crucial stage where details matter. Apply your signature level of innovation to these final steps and you’re sure to have a success on your hands. Then, bring that same thoughtful approach to your personal life. Little touches make all the difference. Show up with a rosé magnum to girls’ night or surprise your S.O. with two tickets to a weekend festival.

You’re a Water-Bearer on a warpath today, intent on crushing it before the weekend vibes take hold. The competition had better just step aside—you are unstoppable when it comes to achieving those goals. Just don’t get so carried away that you forget to check in with your collaborators. Sure, getting a group consensus may stall things by an hour or two. But it’s better to ensure that everyone is on the same page now, rather than having to re-do all your renegade moves later on. Plus, you never know what innovative, last-minute tweaks someone might suggest.

You have the best advice in the world to offer, but are people ready to hear it? Pause before you preach, Pisces! You could unwittingly step into an emotional landmine, especially if you broach a touchy topic with someone who is going through a “sensitive” moment. Even if you come into the situation with the best of intentions, the other party may be looking for a fight. It could be best to simply shelve this discussion for now and return to it when emotions aren’t so charged. If you must enter into a dialogue, use as much diplomacy as possible. But then again, wouldn’t it be more enjoyable to leave work early and enjoy a frozé on your unicorn pool float? (Just a suggestion.)