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Weekly Horoscope : Week Of July 9 - 16, 2018


Health and self-care win out over more decadent impulses starting Monday, July 9 as beautifying Venus darts into Virgo and your sixth house of wellbeing and fitness, where she’ll lovingly blow the whistle until August 6. But her motives are honorable and worth getting on-board with, Ram! This is “payback” for all those hedonistic indulgences you may have partaken in when she was in your lustful fifth house last month. This high-minded Venus cycle gives you a boost back up onto the wagon and reminds you how amazing it feels to be in tune with your body again! But forget the “no pain no gain” approach. You need something you can stick to over the long haul (always a challenge to your “onto the next thing already” sign).

New priorities! Starting this Monday, July 9 your attention gets redirected to “me, myself and I.” That’s because your heavenly sentinel, glamorous, amorous Venus, boogies into Virgo and your fashion-forward fifth house of flamboyance, flirtation and fame until August 6. You won’t be able to outrun the spotlight, so you might as well bask in it! (And if the whole world is about to become your personal catwalk, you may want to book a major session in hair and makeup.) With community-minded, sensual Venus here, your social life AND your love life are probably going to see a whole lot more action. Single? Dress up and hit the scene like you mean it. Remember: You have to play to win, Bull. Venus could inspire couples to do something creative—from redecorating to posing for romantic photos to procreating a new addition to the family.

Romance and cozy domesticity make themselves right at home this Monday, July 9 when comfort-loving Venus nestles into your sentimental and foundational fourth house until August 6. Anyone with designs on your heart will need to be content cooking, chilling and canoodling on the couch—at least for the next several weeks. If you’re dating but don’t live together, talk of cohabitation may escalate now. Not that you need a partner to keep busy! Crafting, baking, home-brewing, redecorating: All those good old-fashioned “home arts” will make you happy as a clam over the coming four weeks. If you’re more of an enthusiast than an artisan, join a wine or book club or throw an epic dinner party before August 6. Later in the week, Venus gets a boost from two earth trines—first from transformative Uranus in your twelfth house on Wednesday and then stabilizing Saturn on Saturday in your other private sector. Make sure anyone you invite into your lair is simpatico. The right match will send off sparks while the wrong one will only lead to frustration.

“Home” is a sacred word to your sign of domestic bliss, Cancer, and starting this Monday, July 9 the warm feels you get from being in safe and cozy environs extends to your entire ‘hood and maybe hometown. That’s because amicable, affable Venus spins into Virgo and your locally sourced third house. You’ll be eager to flap your monarch wings and check out new venues within walking or Ubering distance. You might be a livelier raconteur than usual, getting into meaningful conversations wherever you turn. Vivacious Venus sticks around until August 6, during which time you’ll welcome new kindred spirits into your inner circle. On the flip side, if you’re NOT feeling connected to a local scene, it might be time to pull up stakes and move. You can always switch gyms, shop in different stores, and find a new pub to make your “local.”

Ready, set, exhale! You’ve had a few wild weeks of hosting glamour puss Venus in your sign, during which time things might have gotten a little, erm, over the top. Truth be told, some Big Cats might be looking forward to a time-out from the party scene. Your wish is granted on Monday, July 9 as the planet of beauty and love blows you a farewell kiss until 2019 and plunks down in Virgo and your second house of security and sensual pleasures until August 6. With Venus encamped here, there will be no rushing or racing or going through the motions. If anything, you might want to wake up a little earlier to give you extra time for your morning “toilette,” whether that means putting yourself together physically (wardrobe!) or spiritually (hello, meditation cushion!).

Hello, Glamazon! On Monday, July 9 enchantress Venus pay her annual respects to Virgo, lighting you up like a fireworks display. (And you thought you’d seen the last of them!) Good luck trying to hide your glow with the planet of beauty and love parked in your sign! People will be drawn to you like a beacon. While it’s exciting and flattering to be the center of so much attention, watch for needy Nellies who try to hack into your power supply. This is an opportunity to be selective and only allow people on your wavelength through those metaphorical velvet ropes. With your mojo fired up, you could attract some high-visibility players before August 6—and even step into that role yourself. The deeper lesson of this cycle has to do with self-love and self-sovereignty, Virgo, which is not always so easy for your critical, service-oriented sign to embrace.

Those rosy-hued aviators really suit your upbeat sign, Libra, which is good, since there’s probably no way anyone’s going to remove them from your face for the next few weeks. On Monday, July 9 your galactic guardian, amorous Venus, glides into Virgo and your fantasy-fueled twelfth house. From now until August 6, your thoughts will drift toward the glossier, more idealistic end of the spectrum. This is a place where you’re quite comfortable, but her residence here is a bit of a double-edged sword. While Venus in your twelfth house is a boon for all kinds of imaginative, spiritual and creative pursuits, it can also distort situations and block you from seeing the seamy underbelly of people and situations (and, uh, your own behavior). “One more drink” or “He’s not THAT bad” should be immediate warning signs that perhaps you’re not dealing with unvarnished reality. This could leave you vulnerable to a smooth talker or a player’s glib machinations.

New policy: As of this Monday, July 9 there will be no more judging books by their covers. (At least try, Scorpio.) That day, people-centric Venus parades into Virgo and your eclectic, eccentric eleventh house. While you’ll have a long fuse for innovators, inventors, artists, activists and unapologetic rebels, you might not have much of a taste for “normcore.” Your social spheres could expand exponentially during this cycle, bringing all sorts of free thinkers into your orbit. Because fashionista Venus is the image consultant of the skies, this is a great opportunity for YOU to break out of the mold a bit, too, Scorpio. If you have to follow a certain dress code at work or in some other area of your life, so be it, but when you ARE free to make your own sartorial choices, let your freak flag fly!

Ready, set, GOALS! Whether you’re pursuing a lofty career objective, a public project or a love-life reboot, you’ll get plenty of cosmic support this week. On Monday, July 9 passionate and partnership-minded Venus vectors into Virgo and your future-oriented tenth house. How can you align your passions with what you do for a living? For your authentic sign, collecting a paycheck isn’t enough; you need to feel personally allied to your work. This Venus transit can help you find ways to connect the dots over the coming four weeks. In your romantic life, DON’T just go with the flow. That will cause an Archer to drift far from your target. If someone can’t or won’t commit, cut bait before you waste any more precious time.

Step away from those spreadsheets and let yourself enjoy a less-well-known passion of yours, Capricorn: pushing the erotic envelope! While your “horny sea goat” side might be a mystery to most of your friends and acquaintances, those who’ve had the rare privilege of encountering it can attest to its power—but of course they may have been sworn to secrecy, so THAT might never happen. Something surprising could go down this Monday, July 9 when vixen Venus vectors into Virgo and your “let it all hang out” ninth house. Between now and August 6—and perhaps well beyond—you may be inspired to broaden your amorous palette.


Sometimes, Aquarius, keeping people at arm’s length feels safer than letting ’em in all the way. But this Monday, July 9 when ardent Venus plunges into your intimate and erotic eighth house, you might actually relish the idea of rolling in the deep. And your choice of dance partners may surprise you. While you do need to be physically attracted to someone to “go there,” single Water Bearers might meet someone so brilliant, witty and irresistible that you don’t even notice their “pedestrian” looks. Surround yourself with high-minded, high-vibe people between now and August 6. Because Virgo is the sign of service, you might fall head over platform sandals for a person whose life purpose is helping underrepresented people. Already attached? How can you and boo get more involved in do-gooder activities or mentor less experienced folks in your respective fields? If your current relationship status is “complicated,” Venus’ rosy glow could melt away any resistance to permabonding.

Cue up the slow, sexy jams! Your relationship mojo is back with a vengeance this Monday, July 9 as fervent Venus grooves into Virgo and your seventh house of committed partnerships. Your “hopeless romantic” side gets activated, and you’re ready to take a plunge into the Emotion Ocean at the first glimpse of someone with soulmate potential. If you’re single, ease up a little on the hard-and-fast list of criteria, which can be hard with nitpicky Virgo ruling this area of your life. Your ideal match might be totally “off-type,” so look—or in your case, FEEL—way beneath the surface into this person’s very soul. With the love planet firing up your house of merging until August 6, a little open-mindedness can go a long way.