Daily Horoscope : Wednesday 18 July - Colo Colo Hoy

miércoles, 18 de julio de 2018

Daily Horoscope : Wednesday 18 July


Starting new projects: check! But today’s Virgo moon in your industrious, focused sixth house is cracking the metaphorical whip and insisting you see something through to completion. Make a (to-do) list, check it twice, then put the pedal to the metal—and no detours out of the express lane, Ram! Later this afternoon, la luna grooves into Libra and your relationship realm. How nice will it feel tonight to have a major accomplishment to toast with your S.O. or BFF?!


Don’t be too quick to volunteer for a job that no one else is willing to take on. (There’s a reason for that, Bull.) Normally your can-do sign is happy to lend a hand, but today’s stars are directing you to stay focused on your own work. With the moon in your sixth house of service and routines trining energizing Mars in your career corner, you’re poised for advancement. It’s NOT selfish to look out for numero uno; it’s your sacred duty!

Eyes on the prize, Gemini! You’re not being rude if you don’t exchange more than a polite “how’s it going” with people today. You’ve got some very specific—and non-negotiable—goals that have to get done ASAP, leaving little time for idle chit-chat. With motivating Mars in your visionary vector fist-bumping the passionate moon, you may feel like your day is being guided for you. But do hurry and finish. If there’s room for one other thing before the day is through, it’s some epic romancing!


Hard-and-fast evidence is not the proof that wins your intuitive sign’s trust. While you’re happy to listen to what others have to report, you know that your most reliable “truth-o-meter” is your own gut. Today as the moon in your (Cancer-ruled) fourth house aligns with Mars in your deep-diving eighth house, your instincts will be spot-on. Combine that with your empathy, and you might be able to help someone out of a deep rut. Don’t wait to be asked.


Are you still the chief cook AND the bottle washer, Leo? Stop trying to do it all and allow some willing helpers to come on board already! Today, as motivator Mars offers a leg up to the moon in gregarious Libra and your social third house, you might stumble on the perfect co-conspirator. The “catch”? You have to yield some creative control. Grrr! But what you’ll get in return—way less stress, plus a resourceful teammate or two—will be more than worth it!


Start casting for your soul squad, Virgo! Today’s solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer sweeps through your communal eleventh house, paving the way for all sorts of incredible and innovative group efforts. Have picket sign, will travel! This two-year eclipse series will activate your activism. You could find yourself on the front lines of a humanitarian cause or working behind the scenes to mobilize people around political candidates and initiatives. Where you organize, people will assemble.

Libra on the rise! Today’s solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer fires up your tenth house of career and paves the way for a two-year cycle of success. Take advantage of this lunar boost, and start mapping out your game plan. Pick one or two goals as your first priorities and figure out what it will actually take to achieve them. This vital groundwork will ensure your continued success over the course of this two-year eclipse series. Rev your engines and you could hit some legit milestones by the corresponding full moon this December 22!

Operation Jet-Set begins today! Thanks to a solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer—the first in an adventurous two-year cycle—your wanderlust is on the rise. Oh the places you could go, Scorpio! Start dreaming up your next journey: Biking through wine country, touring ancient temples or heading back to your ancestral homeland (and maybe meeting a long-lost cousin or two). If your schedule doesn’t permit a sexy summer getaway, make a point of mingling multi-culturally close to home. Get involved in global issues: This heart-opening eclipse series inspires you to make the world a better place for everyone.


Today, a backward-spinning Mars aligns with the mutually-minded Libra moon in your “people” houses. If you’ve been thinking of reconnecting with an old friend or inviting someone to team up on a project—or maybe asking a colleague out for a getting-to-know-you lunch—this is a perfect moment. While people will be receptive to your advances, they may not think of making such an overture. Pull out the Sagittarian stops and talk about things you actually care about instead of resorting to idle small talk.

Power to your partnerships, Capricorn! Today’s solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer and your relationship zone could bring an unexpected collaboration to life. This eclipse—the first in a two-year cycle that will jolt the Cancer-Capricorn axis—will make your best duos even MORE dynamic while forcing the unhealthy alliances to fade away. More than ever, Capricorn, you will benefit from working with an attractive and understanding “opposite” who complements your natural gifts. Already found the perfect sidekick? Your relationship could evolve in amazing ways by the corresponding full moon on December 22. And don’t forget, this eclipse series lasts for two years. Plot out the big-picture mission you want to achieve as a pair. Just make sure you leave room for the spontaneity and surprises—the gifts eclipses bring!


Bring on the wellness renaissance! Today, a solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer—the first in a two-year cycle on your axis of healing and detoxification—paves the way for an extended lifestyle reboot. You’ve been hella busy, Aquarius, but skipping workouts and grabbing junk food on the run hasn’t done much to fuel your productivity. Start setting up new systems that will lead to a more balanced existence. Practical magic will help you hit your benchmarks: Use fitness apps for home workouts when you can’t make it to the gym. Cook larger batches of healthy food and maybe adopt the French technique of mise en place to prep salad ingredients. It’s all about being prepared.


So many fascinating humans, so little time! Your popularity goes soaring today as convivial Venus links arms with spontaneous Uranus. Half your lunch break could fly by while you’re chatting with a stranger at the food truck or catching up on midweek dramas with your work BFFs. Since people are your passion under this transit—but you also need to be productive—reshuffle your schedule so that you can handle social tasks today. With so much cosmic mojo, you could woo a new client over an extended lunch or FINALLY assemble a dream team for your summer project.