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martes, 31 de julio de 2018

Daily Horoscope, Tuesday, July 31, Tips And Predictiones.


The best way to let go of something painful from your past is to reframe the situation from something negative into an opportunity for growth. Today, you’ll get some heavenly help in that department as philosophical Jupiter harmonizes with the moon in your twelfth house of forgiveness and healing. Challenging as things may have been, take an objective look and try to glean what this situation has given you the opportunity to realize. Change ain’t easy, Aries—but it’s necessary and CAN be valuable!


Under today’s opposition of the collaborative Pisces moon and creatrix Venus in your playful fifth house, you’ll go further, do better work—and have way more fun—if you embrace the spirit of cooperation. While some of your skills may be sharper than other people’s, when you balance it all out, you’ll come out ahead pooling your talents and resources. And you can never predict what the hive mind will produce when the synergies really get flowing. Join in and be surprised!


You may need to work harder than usual to keep your work and home lives in balance today, Gemini, so stay on guard for the scales tipping too far to one side. With a discordant clash of the moon in your career zone and caring Venus in your domestic quarters, you may feel simultaneously pulled in opposite directions. Set people up with realistic expectations—coworkers and family members need to know where your natural limits lie!

You’ll light up any room you enter today, Cancer, as convivial Venus dances a sultry paso doble with glamorous Neptune. If you’re in the market for a new love interest, turn on the charm. But don’t get so swept away that you start projecting qualities onto your would-be paramour. Appearances CAN be deceiving when hazy Neptune is in the frame. If you’re already attached, use your mega magnetism to connect with a new friend or potential business partner. Just don’t let all this socializing distract you from your ambitious plans. You CAN do it all; it’s just about balance. Work plus play equals a happy Cancer!


Keep a tight grip on your wallet today, Leo! Money could burn a hole in your pocket as a dreamy Pisces moon forms a tense opposition with luxury-loving Venus in your financial sectors. The temptation to purchase something you can’t afford may border on irresistible, so try to manage your desires. If this is something that won’t lose its shimmer tomorrow and you can pay for it with cash, go for it. But if this is a (futile) attempt to fill an emotional hole, give it a pass.


You love coming to the rescue when a loved one is in a bind. But are you getting a little TOO involved, Virgo? Today’s Venus-Neptune opposition could expose where you’ve been giving to the point of enabling—and now it feels like people are taking advantage of your kindness. Before you make another sacrifice, step back and change the dynamic. Since you might have a hard time saying no today, answer all requests with, “Let me get back to you on that.” Consider what’s already on your calendar and even if there IS space, be honest with yourself: Will getting mixed up in this drain you or energize you?


Go ahead and allow yourself to dream. First off, if anyone loves it, it's you, especially when romance is the genre. If you've got the right companion for the journey, it will be even more fun, and if you can play hooky from work -- make it into a super-long weekend, ideally -- indulge yourself. Start with a walk in the park, a romantic matinee and lunch at an outdoor cafe. Romance, that is -- all romance. It couldn't hurt. Not one bit.


Operation Jet-Set begins today! Thanks to a solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer—the first in an adventurous two-year cycle—your wanderlust is on the rise. Oh the places you could go, Scorpio! Start dreaming up your next journey: Biking through wine country, touring ancient temples or heading back to your ancestral homeland (and maybe meeting a long-lost cousin or two). If your schedule doesn’t permit a sexy summer getaway, make a point of mingling multi-culturally close to home. Get involved in global issues: This heart-opening eclipse series inspires you to make the world a better place for everyone.


You might want to read the fine print on that “honesty policy,” Archer. While your candid sign is no fan of mincing words, under today’s opposition of compassionate Venus and the hypersensitive moon, people might be easily wounded by your words. Think before you blurt: What is your real motivation? Clear, straightforward communication is important, but not it if causes you to hurt or alienate someone. Focus on your goal, and then strategize your verbal approach from there.


Power to your partnerships, Capricorn! Today’s solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer and your relationship zone could bring an unexpected collaboration to life. This eclipse—the first in a two-year cycle that will jolt the Cancer-Capricorn axis—will make your best duos even MORE dynamic while forcing the unhealthy alliances to fade away. More than ever, Capricorn, you will benefit from working with an attractive and understanding “opposite” who complements your natural gifts. Already found the perfect sidekick? Your relationship could evolve in amazing ways by the corresponding full moon on December 22. And don’t forget, this eclipse series lasts for two years. Plot out the big-picture mission you want to achieve as a pair. Just make sure you leave room for the spontaneity and surprises—the gifts eclipses bring!


The shopping jones may be almost too strong to resist today, Water Bearer, so take some proactive protective measures—and while you’re at it, lock up that wad of cash. Under today’s indulgent opposition of luxury-loving Venus and the reactive moon across your financial axis, it’ll be easy to splurge at a favorite boutique or website. You want it, you want it…but if that shiny bauble is going to wreck your budget, it’s not worth the regret that’s sure to follow when you get your credit card statement.

Been biting your tongue and stuffing down some feelings, Pisces? That’s not doing you OR the relationship any good! Your gentle sign hates confrontation of any kind, yet there really is a way to express yourself honestly without coming off aggro. (In fact, things probably won’t improve if you don’t!) Today’s sync-up of the moon in your sign and tactful Venus in your partnership sector supports you to speaking your piece—with equal parts directness and kindness.