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martes, 24 de julio de 2018

Daily Horoscope : Tuesday, July 24, Tips And Predictions


Business—meet pleasure! There’s no need for your job to be a tiresome grind today, while a galvanizing opposition between imaginative Venus and inspired Neptune pushes you to find the joy in work. Get creative! Put on your favorite Spotify playlist to help you power through, and schedule a lunch “meeting” with your work wife to break up the day. While you’re out, why not splurge on some vegan donuts for the whole office? A little surprise for your co-workers could brighten everyone’s day, especially your own. And who knows? If you butter up your boss sufficiently, maybe she’ll be inspired to let everyone off early! Did someone say happy hour?

A spontaneous trip to the Sephora counter may be in the cards for the next few days, Bull—and you’re feeling more bellissima than ever, thanks to a sexy square between the emo moon and sensual Venus. A casual flirtation could take a serious turn. With this starmap as your wingwoman, you’ll have no trouble sealing the deal when it comes to love OR business. This dynamic duo-ship could have long term potential. Coupled up? You may be in a position to take a big leap together. Embrace this cosmic energy, whether you’re moving in or making babies. Today is all about surrendering to seduction!


Deep breaths, Gem! Your office may turn into a coworker counseling center today. As the office’s de-facto first Slack responder, don’t be surprised if a few colleagues call on you for support, mid crisis. And thanks to an emotionally enriching Venus-Neptune opposition, you’ll be well equipped to play amateur shrink. No need to dole out advice; just listen patiently and let people vent. If these sessions get too weepy or personal, step out for coffee. Workplace boundaries are a good thing, Gem.


You’ll light up any room you enter today, Cancer, as convivial Venus dances a sultry paso doble with glamorous Neptune. If you’re in the market for a new love interest, turn on the charm. But don’t get so swept away that you start projecting qualities onto your would-be paramour. Appearances CAN be deceiving when hazy Neptune is in the frame. If you’re already attached, use your mega magnetism to connect with a new friend or potential business partner. Just don’t let all this socializing distract you from your ambitious plans. You CAN do it all; it’s just about balance. Work plus play equals a happy Cancer!


It’s brainstorming time, Leo! Just don’t drown in a flood of your own ideas. Under today’s cosmic dust-up between the moon and Venus, adopt a critical eye when it comes to evaluating your own creative vision. What’s realistic and what’s a bit too ambitious? Focus on achievable goals and avoid stalling your project with pie-in-the-sky plans. What will it take to move this baby to the finish line? Don’t be afraid to “kill your darlings” in order to complete your mission. If you can’t see straight, some healthy distance could help. Or, you may want to use this opportunity to phone a friend. A trusted mentor could hit the nail on the head.


You love coming to the rescue when a loved one is in a bind. But are you getting a little TOO involved, Virgo? Today’s Venus-Neptune opposition could expose where you’ve been giving to the point of enabling—and now it feels like people are taking advantage of your kindness. Before you make another sacrifice, step back and change the dynamic. Since you might have a hard time saying no today, answer all requests with, “Let me get back to you on that.” Consider what’s already on your calendar and even if there IS space, be honest with yourself: Will getting mixed up in this drain you or energize you?


Go ahead and allow yourself to dream. First off, if anyone loves it, it's you, especially when romance is the genre. If you've got the right companion for the journey, it will be even more fun, and if you can play hooky from work -- make it into a super-long weekend, ideally -- indulge yourself. Start with a walk in the park, a romantic matinee and lunch at an outdoor cafe. Romance, that is -- all romance. It couldn't hurt. Not one bit.


Operation Jet-Set begins today! Thanks to a solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer—the first in an adventurous two-year cycle—your wanderlust is on the rise. Oh the places you could go, Scorpio! Start dreaming up your next journey: Biking through wine country, touring ancient temples or heading back to your ancestral homeland (and maybe meeting a long-lost cousin or two). If your schedule doesn’t permit a sexy summer getaway, make a point of mingling multi-culturally close to home. Get involved in global issues: This heart-opening eclipse series inspires you to make the world a better place for everyone.


Go with your gut, Sag! Trust that you’ve got the right answer, even if the rest of the world (or Twittersphere) is telling you that you’re wrong. With artistic Venus in your work corner opposing insightful Neptune, your intuition will be off the charts today. You may be tempted to compromise if your colleagues resist your vision. But don’t! If you have to consult someone else, reach out to fellow creatives who’ve been in this particular trench before. Just don’t let the hivemind water down your ideas. You’ve got this!


Power to your partnerships, Capricorn! Today’s solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer and your relationship zone could bring an unexpected collaboration to life. This eclipse—the first in a two-year cycle that will jolt the Cancer-Capricorn axis—will make your best duos even MORE dynamic while forcing the unhealthy alliances to fade away. More than ever, Capricorn, you will benefit from working with an attractive and understanding “opposite” who complements your natural gifts. Already found the perfect sidekick? Your relationship could evolve in amazing ways by the corresponding full moon on December 22. And don’t forget, this eclipse series lasts for two years. Plot out the big-picture mission you want to achieve as a pair. Just make sure you leave room for the spontaneity and surprises—the gifts eclipses bring!


Can you make money from your creative gifts? As value-driven Venus opposes dreamy Neptune in your finance zones, it’s worth exploring. One of your artistic hobbies could have side hustle potential—or perhaps you could get paid to consult with an entrepreneurial friend. Maybe it’s time to shake up the team with an unexpected hire or seek out new clients in unusual places. You don’t have to quit your day job or act on every whimsical innovation that pops into your head. But if one of them feels like a calling, do some legwork and research to find out what it might take (time, cost, resources) to pull it off. This might be more doable than you realize.


So many fascinating humans, so little time! Your popularity goes soaring today as convivial Venus links arms with spontaneous Uranus. Half your lunch break could fly by while you’re chatting with a stranger at the food truck or catching up on midweek dramas with your work BFFs. Since people are your passion under this transit—but you also need to be productive—reshuffle your schedule so that you can handle social tasks today. With so much cosmic mojo, you could woo a new client over an extended lunch or FINALLY assemble a dream team for your summer project.