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miércoles, 11 de julio de 2018

Daily Horoscope : July 11, Tips And Predictions.


Awaken your wellness warrior! Today’s motivating Venus-Uranus alignment supercharges any healthy living efforts with fun and vibrancy. Sensual Venus appreciates a little aesthetic pleasure, so try exercising in a beautiful outdoor locale (and maybe even splurge on some chic athleisure). Tech-focused Uranus could inspire you to upgrade your workout with a new Fitbit or apps. While you’re on this tear, get your professional life organized and streamlined. If things feel extra-hectic, outsource some of your less important tasks. A lighter workload will lighten your mind—and make it easier to get to that 7PM yoga in the park.


Love is in the air, Taurus! Today, sensual Venus gets a flirtatious wink from uninhibited Uranus in your sign. If you’ve been secretly crushing on your dream bae, why not tell this person how you feel? For a seductive bonus, stage your amorous confession in a breathtaking locale. Already coupled up? You may feel moved to collaborate with your partner. Whether it’s a business idea, screenplay, or simply an artfully cooked meal, it’s a great day to give birth to your creative “baby.” And if you’re on the mommy track, maybe you’ll even make a REAL one…


Home is where your Gemini heart is today, as glowing Venus in your domestic sector gets an invigorating beam from spontaneous Uranus. Spruce up your space, whether you’re simply organizing a closet or looking at architectural plans for kitchen remodels. If you’re de-cluttering, purge your place of any objects that carry negative energy. You may be holding onto mementos that remind you of difficult times. No need to throw all of these precious items away—just retire them to storage until your wounds aren’t so fresh.


When you’re “on,” Cancer, you’re the life of any party, and today is no exception to that rule. Get ready: the invitations will be flying at you fast and furious, thanks to a spontaneous and alluring Venus-Uranus alignment. Forget about heading home early to curl up with your cat. “Just stopping by” an after-work thing could turn into a multi-event affair. Sensual Venus will also bring some romantic vibes into the equation and you might strike up an unexpected flirtation with a friend. If you’re single, go with the amorous flow! Attached? If you can’t lure bae out for the mingling, don’t hold yourself back. You’ll return home feeling happier and hotter at the end of the night.


Feeling inspired, Leo? Today, an innovative Venus-Uranus trine gets your creative engines revving. Unexpected insight could erupt in the most mundane moment. Who knows? Small talk over coffee could lead to your next big business idea, or a Skype session with a long distance friend could evolve into a creative collaboration. Use the imaginative vibes to plan some state-of-the-art home improvements. You’ll knock tasks off your to-do list with artistic flair! Romantically, things could get sexy behind closed doors. Plan an evening in at the Leo love lair.


Tap into your spontaneous spirit (We KNOW it exists!). Today, a lively formation between Venus in Virgo and free-flowing Uranus encourages you to explore with abandon. While you’re at it, bring your friends along for the ride! Play hooky from work if possible, and see who you can lure out for a midweek playdate. (You’re suddenly feeling “under the weather” and need to go to the beach, um, the doctor’s.) Single? Don’t try to force a casual flirtation into something more serious. It’s okay to have a little summer fling, no strings attached!


All aboard the romance rollercoaster! Today, transformative Uranus connects with amorous Venus, a sure sign that there will be some surprising twists in your love story. Maybe casual small talk will take a sudden turn into sultrier territory. Or perhaps changemaker Uranus will give you the courage you need to break things off with a needy partner. Single? Embrace the spontaneous vibes of this transit, and wander out of your romantic comfort zone. There’s a possibility you might bump into an annoying ex, so put a little extra thought into that outfit today. Looking hot (but untouchable) IS the best revenge!


Teamwork is name of the game today, as a spontaneous Venus-Uranus trine inspires you to form a surprising alliance. Got an idea for a style blog or an app? Collab with a tech-minded BFF. Want to make a difference in the world? Join forces with a friend who works at an important charity. And here’s the bonus: all this collaboration could lead to an unexpected spark with someone in your orbit. If you’re already in a relationship, this transit could unleash your self-sufficient side. Leave bae at home for the night and head out with the squad instead. A little space can actually strengthen your relationship and ensure you don’t get suffocated in the couple bubble.


Think twice before you RSVP “yes” to anything. Today’s trine between sensual Venus and erratic Uranus could make you extra sensitive to human interactions. If you know that your arch frenemy will be at a certain event, avoid it like the plague. On the other hand, if there’s a gathering that will stir your soul and lift your mood, go for it! It’s all about paying attention to your inner voice and trusting your social intuition. If you follow those instincts, they could lead you to an intriguing group of kindred spirits.


Who knew THAT could be such a turn-on? Under today’s refreshing alignment of romantic Venus and spontaneous Uranus, you could get all hot and bothered by something (or someone) completely unexpected. With Venus in your worldly and adventurous ninth house, sparks could fly with a cutie of a different culture or a traveler rolling through town. If you suddenly prefer the badass in the band to the buttoned-up banker (or vice versa), we wouldn’t be surprised. Meander outside the lines, even if you’re just doing some innocent flirting. And while this transit’s effects are temporary, the experiences can leave a lasting impact!

Feel those feelings, Aquarius—we promise it will be a relief. Today, a flowing formation between sensitive Venus and your spur-of-the-moment ruler, Uranus, activates the most emotional sectors of your chart. It’s going to be hard to hold much in, Aquarius. Instead of trying to put up a stoic front, go meet a close friend for “rosé and real talk.” (Pro tip: Bring tissues.) Coupled? Let down any emotional barriers you’ve constructed and open yourself up to your partner. This is a great time for a big picture talk about your shared goals and the future you’d like to co-create.

So many fascinating humans, so little time! Your popularity goes soaring today as convivial Venus links arms with spontaneous Uranus. Half your lunch break could fly by while you’re chatting with a stranger at the food truck or catching up on midweek dramas with your work BFFs. Since people are your passion under this transit—but you also need to be productive—reshuffle your schedule so that you can handle social tasks today. With so much cosmic mojo, you could woo a new client over an extended lunch or FINALLY assemble a dream team for your summer project.