Daily Horoscope : Friday 13 July 2018, Tips And Predictions. - Colo Colo Hoy

viernes, 13 de julio de 2018

Daily Horoscope : Friday 13 July 2018, Tips And Predictions.


Shift into mogul mode, Aries! Under today’s Leo moon, you’ll get an extra boost of courage to fearlessly take charge. This transit infuses your spirit with a fiery and passionate energy and people will readily follow your lead. If you’ve got innovative ideas, share them! Team Ram will be open to your groundbreaking vision. Tonight, this cosmic confidence brings some liftoff to your love life. Single? Pursue romantic conquests with your newfound swagger!


Lead with your gentle side, Taurus. Someone in your circle may need an emotional superhero and it’s your turn to don that cape. Be a nurturing presence for friends and colleagues, offering a shoulder and supportive ear. Remember, however, that it’s not your job to fix everyone’s problems. Point them to resources and offer to do what you can without draining your own energy reserves. With the moon cozied up in your domestic fourth house this evening, plan for a low-key Friday night. Open up a bottle of rosé with a few friends or cuddle up with bae for a Netflix binge-session.


Under today’s Leo moon, hunt for a powerful partner instead of handling everything like a one-woman show. It won’t take much convincing (if any at all) to form an unstoppable alliance with an influential coworker, a close friend or another peer in your daily orbit. You’ll enjoy the mission so much more when you have a “project twin” along for the ride. Mine the local scene for Friday night entertainment. You might not have to go farther than the usual place to get your fix of enlightening conversation, which might evolve into a fun summer hookup if you care to go there.


Today’s life-changing solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer—the first in a two-year series on the Cancer/Capricorn axis—will send you skyrocketing toward personal success. Between now and July 2020, you’ll deepen some of your closest relationships while hitting milestones at warp speed. Be flexible! Eclipses can bring unexpected turns and sudden pivots. What are your biggest goals for the next two years? Hone in on those objectives, and don’t get distracted. The lunar lift is the most powerful over the next two weeks, so set those personal plans into motion. By the time the corresponding full moon arrives on December 22, some epic goals may already have manifested.


Take the romantic reins! The moon in Leo elevates your swagger, but thanks to a challenging opposition to Mars, you may feel the need to change a few things. If you’ve been stuck in a “will-they-won’t-they” flirtation, make a decisive move. It’s time for clarity, one way or another. Already in a relationship? If you and bae have been bickering, a change of scenery might provide a better backdrop for finding consensus. Get to neutral territory and discuss! Single Leos who have been spending every waking moment on Tinder: put down your phone, and head out into the real world. Thanks to the moon’s self-sufficient influence, your alluring, independent spirit may attract a sexy stranger into your orbit!

Start casting for your soul squad, Virgo! Today’s solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer sweeps through your communal eleventh house, paving the way for all sorts of incredible and innovative group efforts. Have picket sign, will travel! This two-year eclipse series will activate your activism. You could find yourself on the front lines of a humanitarian cause or working behind the scenes to mobilize people around political candidates and initiatives. Where you organize, people will assemble.


There’s strength in numbers, Libra! Remain the devoted team player today as the Leo moon supercharges group efforts. Instead of getting swept into power struggles, lift up the people around you. Positive morale will boost collective productivity. Need help on a solo project? Why not enlist a few skilled collaborators to help you get to the finish line? If you don’t have the cash to hire them, perhaps you could barter services and support them on one of their future missions. Tonight, keep your eye out for potential partners. The stranger in the corner of the party could turn into an incredible business (or love!) connection.


You’re the leader of the pack today, Scorpio, as the moon beams into your leadership zone, imbuing everything you do with CEO-swagger. Take the reins on a group project and watch as your team steps up to support your mission. Your cutting-edge vision could move the masses! Once you’ve blazed some trails at work, apply your innovative perspective to your social life. (Relax: Your favorite dive bar isn’t going anywhere.) Reroute your evening plans to a thought-provoking gallery exhibition or a political fundraiser—and convince as many friends as possible to join you.


Live out loud, Sagittarius! Today’s Leo moon liberates you from restrictions, especially the self-imposed kind. No more holding back your opinions to keep the peace within a group. Your insightful honesty can turn the tide in a positive direction, especially if you deliver it with a dose of your trademark wit. Tonight, the more can be the merrier if you leave the social hijackers off your guest list. You aren’t gathering to watch (or ahem, give) a performance. You just need to connect to your community of peeps!


Struggling to crack the case on an unsolved mystery? Bust out that Sherlock kit, because today could bring a major breakthrough. Someone may divulge a secret that could be the final puzzle piece in your investigation. But keep this juicy info in the vault for the moment! Confirm your findings with multiple sources before announcing your findings to the world. Tonight, your charm and intellect may attract a power player. Play it cool (but NOT disinterested) and you could make a life-changing connection!


You’re a true innovator, Aquarius, but are you surrounding yourself with people who are on the level…people who actually inspire you? There’s never a shortage of “friends” in your universe, but under today’s dynamic Leo moon, you could connect to a ride-or-die soulmate in your squad. Make plans. This fellow groundbreaker and risk-taker would be an ideal plus-one for your Friday night. Fiery Mars in Aquarius opposes the moon later today, so don’t be surprised if a conflict erupts elsewhere. Keep that notorious Aquarian temper in check. Going from zero to “raging” in seconds is NOT a good look!

Is a love story brewing, Pisces—or is it reaching a new climax? Wherever you are in your romantic journey, today is sure to increase the amorous vibes. As a solar (new moon) eclipse in Cancer heats up your fifth house of innovation and love, passion could be percolating in unexpected places. If you’re single, throw any preconceived notions about your “type” out the window. This two-year eclipse series could totally redirect your romantic GPS. Coupled up? Bring some new moves (and new toys?) into the bedroom! But pace yourself, Pisces: the fun is just starting! This Cancer-Capricorn eclipse cycle continues for the next two years, bringing a profoundly loving energy to all your relationships.