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miércoles, 13 de junio de 2018

Weekly Horoscope : 13 to 20 of June

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When messenger Mercury lands in sentimental Cancer and your domesticity zone on Tuesday, June 12 you might not be able to hide your “soft underbelly”—but why would you want to? Everyone’s familiar with your strong side, but the peeps in your inner circle may actually love you more for your genuine sweetness and vulnerability.

This annual cycle, which lasts until June 29, serves you a powerful reminder of your very real humanness. If tears start to flow—even over a sappy commercial or love song—let ‘em! (Pro tip: Keep tissues with you wherever you go during this short transit.) If your heart feels more open than usual, don’t question or resist it. Enjoy the depth of the intimacy you’re experiencing. And should you find yourself starting to judge someone, catch yourself in the act and shift into a mindset of compassion and empathy. Don't force yourself to be the usual Aries "life of the party." If you feel like hibernating and recharging your batteries, do so sans apology!

Team up FTW! There’s no reason to work or play alone when people-loving Mercury swings into Cancer and your cooperation zone on Tuesday, June 12. But rather than casting for a clone, seek a like-minded collaborator whose talents and skills dovetail with yours rather than replicating them. This could potentially cut your workload in half—or double your output! 

When you find your partner in crime—and especially if you already have—get the terms in writing. Even if it’s a friend or relative, you want to keep it that way, so heed the message of self-protective Cancer and spell out everyone's contributions and compensation. Since Mercury rules communication, you almost can’t be too meticulous about what you put in writing. “Better safe than sorry” applies here! This realm indicates local goings-on, making these two weeks a perfect time to start doing more in your 'hood—or getting to know the neighbors. You might stumble on a very agreeable person in your wanderings—maybe even someone with dynamic duo potential.


Have you got your systems organized, locked and loaded? You’ll want to be ready for some fast and furious activity over these next few weeks, once your ruling planet, analytical Mercury, cruises into Cancer and your industrious second house on Tuesday, June 12. No task will be too small and no goal too grand under this “get ‘er done” transit, which is in effect until June 29. You’ll be eager to charge out of the gate at the starting bell, but pace yourself! “Slow and steady” is not your usual M.O., but in this case it is the best insurance that you’ll get things right the first time and not have to make return trips to the drawing board.

Set a nice place for messenger Mercury this Tuesday, June 12 as it wings into your sign until June 29. Given Mercury’s ability to talk to anyone, you’ll be the belle of every ball you attend, even if that “ball” is a carpool karaoke road trip to visit your college roomie. You need only to smile to win people's attention and, if conversation flows in the right direction, their loyalty.

Got a passion project that needs more support—or funding? Vibe the perfect moment to broach the subject, but when you do, don’t hold back. Someone is looking to get on-board with exactly that kind of initiative! What do YOU need in order to be better prepared for what lies ahead? Could you benefit from a skills-enhancing workshop or webinar that not only gives you the chops you need but helps clear any limiting beliefs that are blocking your path to prosperity? Mercury’s visit can inspire you to do the necessary research, fill in any applications and become an information sponge. Associate with successful people who can serve as solid role models AND point the way to get there yourself.

Rolling in the deep? This Tuesday, June 12 expressive Mercury slinks into your twelfth house, putting you in a dreamy and introspective headspace. From now until June 29, the planet of communication unplugs and takes a digital vacation—beckoning you to do the same. This is a time to switch off the noisy circuitry of the outside world and reconnect with the things your heart and soul crave most deeply.

 While it’s probably not possible to cancel all your previous commitments, make an effort to match every hour of socializing with "sanctuary time." Savor those rare and precious moments when you have nothing to do except follow your bliss, whether that means lolling in bed, writing in your journal, creating new playlists or puttering in the kitchen. In the murky, introspective twelfth house, the messenger planet may get overwhelmed by some intense emotions, such as grief, anger or jealousy.


Many hands make light work—and that means there's more time to party when the job is done! On Tuesday, June 12 your galactic guardian, communicative Mercury, soars into Cancer and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology until June 29. Your clear-minded logic and powers of persuasion will be unassailable during this transit. So that you don’t waste these superpowers, think about what you’d most like to accomplish. 

Do you have a digital initiative that needs funding (hello, Kickstarter!) or an idea for a beauty blog or woke podcast? There are so many ways to crowdsource ideas, raise angel money and pool people’s resources. Start with your social network and reach through the six degrees of separation to everyone else! While you’re at it, update all your profiles, bios and photos. This is a stellar time to get your name out there and let people discover your passion firsthand. But don’t turn every interaction into a blatant networking move. Remember, even investors are people first, so sincerely nurture those ties that bind—and build!

Ambition takes precedence over pretty much everything starting Tuesday, June 12 as focused Mercury wings into Cancer and your tenth house of career and public image. You don’t have to go into full-blown workaholic mode, but you MAY reprioritize the professional over the personal between now and June 29. But since you are a Libra, you won’t be toiling alone in your career cave. So much of success comes from having strong business relationships, forging and nurturing them is something you do naturally. 

Organize brainstorming sessions that stimulate rather than stupefy. And who says meetings have to take place in a stuffy conference room? How about talking shop in a bistro garden, over after-work drinks at a rooftop bar—or perhaps even poolside? Analytical Mercury in this realm will keep your mind razor-sharp and make you an even shrewder and savvier negotiator. This transit also provides an excellent opportunity to review your professional image.

You may not be able to stuff down your feelings starting Tuesday, June 12 when expressive Mercury swings into your candid and open ninth house until June 29. Your famously reticent sign normally prefers to keep such things to yourself, but the pressure of keeping this in the vault combined with the messenger’s planet lighting a spark may lead to an emotional eruption! But this is actually a GOOD thing, Scorpio. 

There’s something deeply liberating about not “hiding” your truth or pretending to feel differently than you actually do. A tiny suggestion, if we may: Stay aware of your tone when you do blurt. Emoting from the heart doesn’t give you permission to hurt, offend or accuse anyone. You’re merely articulating how YOU’RE experiencing something.

Casual encounters and superficial small talk? Um, we don’t think so, Archer! Starting this Tuesday, June 12 you won’t be happy with anything lighter than rolling in the deep, once expressive Mercury plunges into emo Cancer and your soulfully seductive eighth house.

 With the messenger planet firing up this erotic zone until June 29, you may become borderline-obsessed with metaphysical, sexual and even taboo topics. Single? Your magnetism will be palpable, but don’t squander this superpower on just anyone. Save that final rose for someone with the potential to meet you on an almost mystical level. Of course, if you are more interested in some no-strings-attached loving, be honest with yourself—and partners—about your intentions. You don’t want to rack up any bad juju for misleading open-hearted people.

Sharing is caring, Capricorn! Starting on Tuesday, June 12 communication planet Mercury springs into compassionate Cancer and your seventh house of committed relationships for a few weeks. Talking about your feelings, needs and desires with your love interest will be easier than usual. If you're single, you may actually be excited about putting yourself out there and meeting intriguing prospects. Mercury puts the emphasis on authentic and inspiring conversation—you’ll be less hung up on “longevity” and more focused on the here and now. Someone who’s interesting AND interested in you will be way more appealing than a soporific, self-absorbed hottie.


It’s not too late to kick off your personal spring-training campaign, Water Bearer! On Tuesday, June 12 focused Mercury lunges into Cancer and your sixth house of health and fitness, motivating you to integrate new habits and routines (and maybe new ingredients) into your lifestyle. The trick, of course, is doing it in a slow, measured way so you that can sustain this even after the messenger planet leaves, on June 29. 

Your eclectic air sign may get a little bored by “regular” mat-based yoga classes, so how about trying aerial silks or trapeze? When it comes to diet, the most important thing is to never use that word! Getting more energy and feeling stronger and happier in your body should be the real goal! Experiment with “lower on the food chain” fare, like anything that naturally comes out of the ground that's dark and leafy or any of the colors of the rainbow. You don’t need a Martha Stewart-esque collection of kitchenware or cookbooks. A few basic pieces and some downloaded recipes can make summertime scrumptious. Since the sixth house also rules organization, this a good time for any computer maintenance you’ve been putting off, which includes clearing out your inbox and all those desktop icons!

Shy, reticent and retired? We don’t think so! Not starting this Tuesday, June 12, anyway! That day, expressive Mercury commences its annual parade through Cancer and your fifth house of glamour, amour and fame until June 29. Good luck trying to suppress your style and flair—and why would you want to? While your penetrating sign knows that beauty is only skin-deep, you’re also keenly aware of the fact that people do draw conclusions based on appearances. (On top of that, fashion to you is just an extension of the visual creativity you bring to all your endeavors!) But think beyond sartorial statements and expand this sensibility to everything that represents you, from business cards to your online profiles, photos and Instagram feed.